Drink more soup before and after the cold dew, do not need to see a doctor? Drink these 6 bowls of health soup, nourishing blood and nourishing the stomach

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Autumn and winter health to eat longan

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Red skin peanuts can be healthy? Eat a little on an empty stomach in the morning, stick to it, these three benefits are uninvited

Red-skinned peanuts are more common in our lives, but the nutritional value contained in them is often overlooked by people, and the effect on women’s health is more prominent. If you eat a little red peanut on an empty stomach every morning, maybe bring these three benefits to your body! Red skin peanuts can be…

The best anti-cancer drugs, the best longevity drugs… the best way to keep health, not to spend a penny

This article’s expert opinion: National famous Chinese medicine doctor Huang Zhengde Xia Gongxu, deputy director of the Department of Untreated Diseases, Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Chiropractor, Department of Neurology, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital Li Rui There is a small problem in the body. I always pin my hopes on taking…

Nutrition expert Zhang Wei: In autumn and winter, my most recommended food is it! Strong muscles and bones, kidney and health!

Publishing supply and demand information, grouping and bargaining is made here. You can participate in message interaction at the end of the article What are the benefits of black food? Teacher Zhang’s point of view is: 1, the iron content is relatively rich; 2 And anthocyanin content is relatively high, especially fresh ingredients; 3, the…