These 8 kinds of black foods are kidney and health

What are the benefits of eating black food everyday? Black natural foods are rich in nutrients and medicinal properties, and have the effects of lowering blood fat, nourishing blood, benefiting life, prolonging life, and inventing the eye. The following common sense (ID: aishcs) will introduce you to several common black foods. Let’s take a look….

How to make a bowl of good porridge? Teach you a few tips, drink more porridge in the autumn, moisturize the lungs and nourish the stomach

Dry autumn, from the health point of view, you should drink some porridge. Especially for breakfast, come to a bowl of hot porridge, with some eggs, taro, and side dishes, not only to nourish the stomach, but also to nourish the lungs, which is very beneficial to the body. Yuan Mei said: “See the water,…

Drink more soup before and after the cold dew, do not need to see a doctor? Drink these 6 bowls of health soup, nourishing blood and nourishing the stomach

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Autumn and winter health to eat longan

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Red skin peanuts can be healthy? Eat a little on an empty stomach in the morning, stick to it, these three benefits are uninvited

Red-skinned peanuts are more common in our lives, but the nutritional value contained in them is often overlooked by people, and the effect on women’s health is more prominent. If you eat a little red peanut on an empty stomach every morning, maybe bring these three benefits to your body! Red skin peanuts can be…