10 common mistakes in fitness: If you want to practice your body, please go away.

I believe that many small partners have heard such a sentence, fitness first brain, meaning that we need to understand some basic fitness knowledge to help us achieve better fitness results, this time the helper to share 10 A common misunderstanding, see if you have a move?

A misunderstanding can be a thin stomach when practicing abdominal muscles

The truth: no movement can achieve partial fat reduction, no matter How much do you do on your back, just increase the muscle layer under the fat, and you can’t consume too much fat. You want to have a thin stomach that can only be achieved through aerobic exercise combined with abdominal exercise and a reasonable diet.

The more sweat in the second exercise, the more fat you lose.

The truth: the harder you train during a certain period of time The more calories burned. But the sweat you flow is not directly proportional to the fat you lose.

Mission three strength exercises can turn fat into muscle

Truth: Muscle and fat belong to two completely different tissues, so you can’t Convert the former into the latter. Muscles cannot be converted from a physiological level to fat, but will shrink.

Miscellaneous 4 The second day of muscle pain is not enough to indicate the amount of exercise

The truth: body acid is not an indicator of exercise compliance. It is a normal phenomenon that the body is sour after training. Especially if you change your workout plan. The acidity of your body also means that your exercise is beyond the load your body can accept. If you are too late, you can exercise according to your own situation.

Miscellaneous aerobic exercise is only suitable for people who are losing weight

The truth: whether it is fat reduction or muscle growth, it must be matched with appropriate aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can strengthen heart and lung function, enhance endurance, and make your training effect better.

Miscellaneous Six Best exercise time per day is early morning

Truth: Every time period has exercise suitable for exercise, achieving different effects You can choose according to your own time and stick to it to achieve the desired result.

Miscellaneous 7 Only boys can do strength exercises

The truth: Some girls are afraid of practicing strength to become a woman, in fact, don’t worry, hormones The effect makes it more difficult for girls to grow muscles than boys, and strength exercises play a big role in shaping women’s body lines. If you want to bulge your back, do some strength exercises.

Miscellaneous eight weight loss equals weight loss

Truth: Weight loss does not mean fat loss, fat compared with weight of fat and muscle It takes a lot of volume than the muscles, so it can’t be said that the weight is light.

Miscellaneous nine weight loss only do aerobic exercise

The truth: aerobic exercise is an important factor in weight loss, but weight lifting can make the body Burning more heat at rest, it has a longer continuous effect. A truly effective weight loss program should include aerobics and resistance training. Resistance training can help increase muscle mass. This can enhance the effectiveness of weight loss, because muscles are “metabolically active” tissues that can stay in the body for a longer period of time and maintain the energy needed.

Miscellaneous madness can make a big tonic

The truth: tonic is just a supplement to dietary nutrition outside the basic diet. Can not replace the basic diet, it is even more impossible to become a muscle man only by eating supplements, through a scientific training program and a reasonable diet structure, in order to train a good figure.



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