10 pits of communication between doctors and patients, have you stepped on it?

There is a golden sentence in the design world: the devil is hidden in the details, and it is also suitable for medical and doctor-patient relationships.

Have you ever thought that before the dispute broke out and before the doctor had to kneel down, there were actually many opportunities to ease the conflict, but we missed it.

When a doctor is tired and busy, he often inadvertently steps on some “pits” of doctor-patient communication and falls into these pits. Even if you are skilled and skilled, it is difficult for patients. convince.

These details determine the patient’s medical experience and determine whether you are a good doctor or a bad doctor in the patient’s heart. The “lightning principle” in doctor-patient communication is to fully respect patients. How to do it? The following dozens of small things that seem to be “sweet” are the beginning:

Do you think that each scene is simple to look at, but it’s all done, it’s a bit difficult?

If you are checking, treating, informing you, or checking the house, you can pay attention to these details, fully respect the patient’s personality, don’t talk about avoiding medical problems, and become friends with patients. Not impossible.

Last in the big picture of the whole HD, welcome to share with your colleagues!

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