9 major indicators of health and longevity, meet 5 to pass the test, compare, you can account for a few?

The society continues to improve and the standard of living is constantly improving. Nowadays, people are not only staying in the material life of eating and drinking, but more and more people are beginning to pay attention to health and quality. life. Therefore, many people are yearning for a healthy life. However, everyone can’t avoid getting sick and old, and the current living environment is not like the past. The environment around the world has been damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, this has caused many people to get some serious illness at a young age. So now people, when they feel that their body is uncomfortable, will be particularly nervous, worrying about whether they have got serious diseases. In fact, we don’t need to be too nervous. If we have a healthy body, we can judge it by observing our own conditions, and we can see whether we are in a sub-health state. Then, how to judge whether we are in a healthy and long-lived body? What? Next, I will introduce you to the indicators of health and longevity.

The 9 major indicators of health and longevity, meet 5 to pass the test, compare, you can account for a few?

1, quick response:

Many people now have a slower reaction ability, especially women are more obvious than men, giving people It feels like a slow half beat. For example, if someone calls you or talks to you, you always hesitate to react for half a second. At the same time, some people are always slower than the average person when doing manual work. Such a type is caused by a slow reaction of the brain’s nerves, which causes the body to respond slowly.

2, good resistance:

What is resistance? It is not easy to catch a cold in normal life, no matter whether it is in the winter or summer, it will be slightly cold, and there will be no big problem. At the same time, in life, you can wear a little less than usual, that is, heating in the cold in the winter is completely dependent on the body. These people generally have better resistance.

3, moderate weight:

Many people are now losing weight, in fact, too thin for the body, easy to cause resistance At the same time, it is too thin, the body’s fat content is less, and the body function will be correspondingly worse. At the same time, the body should be relatively well-proportioned, do not appear legs, hips, waist, stomach is too fat, other places are relatively thin, this is not good for the body, because there are more abdominal organs, easy to cause excessive abdominal fat.

4, eyesight is good:

After the age of 30, the eyesight of the eye begins to slowly decline, and the eyelids are more prone to inflammation. If this happens, if you reach a certain age, your eyes will be blurred, which will affect your future life and lead to a decline in your quality of life.

5, no dental disease:

There are many kinds of dental diseases, such as: insect teeth, gingivitis, tooth decay, periodontitis, etc. First, periodontitis can easily lead to female abortion. Secondly, dental disease is more likely to lead to poor sleep quality. After a certain age, the teeth are easy to fall off, which will affect life in the future. Thereby affecting the life.

6, the head shines brightly, does not lose hair:

Many people’s hair is very greasy or dry, when it does not wash your hair for a day, feel It is full of oil, and many people are more prone to hair loss. This is because the lack of blood, leading to hair malnutrition, lack of blood and blood easily lead to decreased resistance, which affects health.

7, muscle fullness:

Muscle is not only a special thing for men, but also for women. Studies have shown that people with more muscles have a life expectancy of about 4 years longer than those with less muscle. Because muscles are made up of a lot of protein, as we grow older, our body’s muscles will slowly decrease, which will easily lead to the lack of energy in the body’s organs. Therefore, when you have too much muscle, you can satisfy our body organs. Normal operation.

8, don’t love angry:

Now many female friends, they love to play small temper, they lose their temper when they are not happy, in fact, Frequent temper easily leads to endocrine disorders, which affect women’s ovarian health. Endocrine abnormalities can easily lead to unstable blood pressure, which leads to the occurrence of high blood pressure.

9, good sleep quality:

This is very important and the hardest to do. Many people are defeated at this point. The quality of sleep is a self-maintenance way for our whole body. After one day of operation in our day, we need to repair ourselves at night to carry out maintenance. At the same time, people with good sleep quality, skin, mindset, and luck are very good, and people are very prone to health and longevity.



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