A bowl of simple home-cooked porridge, the five internal organs and healthy people live longevity, you must learn!

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A bowl of simple home-cooked porridge, the five internal organs to make up for a healthy life, you must learn!

When the city’s economy is developing at a rapid pace, people’s life is getting faster and faster, some friends are busy with work, have no time to eat, and many people eat irregular time, eat things Casually, I gradually felt that my stomach was not my own. I was attacking myself from time to time, and I felt my body was hollowed out. As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution. How can we make money without a healthy body? Real health is the most important thing in a person’s life.

The National Day returned to his hometown, and finally he drank this bowl of dreamy porridge, still familiar formula, still familiar taste. Xiaobian wrapped up with his grandmother and gave him a simple and fast-handed recipe. Later, he can also re-enact in the field and send it out to benefit everyone. Come together!

PS: The main ingredient of raw porridge is rice. There are many choices for important supporting horns: lean meat, beef, pork liver, waist, fish fillets, shrimp and crab, etc. Demonstration is the most common raw pork porridge.

Specific steps:

1. Wash the rice with good texture and marinate with peanut oil for about half an hour (for the purpose of porridge) At the end, the rice grains are more likely to flower)

2, pork tenderloin, pork liver slices, mixed with cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, ginger, starch;

3, the pot is filled with clear water, the water is boiled, poured into the marinated rice, the fire is boiled, and the medium heat is fired. At least one and a half hours, the porridge can reach the thick water and rice blend. rotten.

4. After the porridge is simmered, pour in the lean meat and pork liver, sprinkle some fine ginger and stir with chopsticks;

5, two minutes later, the lean pork liver is cooked, sprinkled with green onion, and the pot.

A bowl of fragrant, hot porridge is done.

When I was young, I felt that the porridge was light and it was exclusive to the elderly. The mind of my own mind is always the spicy, bright-looking sizzling, skewers, barbecues, stinky tofu in the snack bar, and I hope to grow up quickly, to see the world outside is wonderful.

Online when you really grow up, you will understand that a bowl of clear porridge is the real fireworks life.

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