A common bitter vegetable in the countryside, it can reduce swelling and pain, but also lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar!

Bitter vegetables grow vigorously in the Dabie Mountains. The mountains and trees are towering in the sky, covering the sky, lacking direct sunlight, and the bitter seedlings are rooted here. People sometimes go to the top of the mountain to pick up a bitter dish and come back to eat it. The taste of bitter herbs is very special. When picking bitter vegetables, they can smell the same taste of bean paste that bitter vegetables have. It feels a musty smell, wait until Ginger and garlic are all set aside. After frying the bitter vegetables, they only smell the bitterness of the kitchen. It is very interesting, so people sometimes don’t call it “bitter vegetables”, but they call this special dish. For the day parsley.

Tianxiang is bitter, cold and alkaline. It is a green leafy vegetable growing in the mountains. The branches and leaves are dense and grow in the jungle all year round. The leaves of the fragrant coriander are quite delicate. People sometimes take the coriander directly and remove it to make it dry.

Although the parsley has a strong musty taste when eaten raw, it is delicious if it is cooked. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter cold of Tianxiang can enter the liver and spleen, which has important value. For example, if the Chinese cabbage enters the liver, it can activating blood and dispersing silt, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Therefore, some farmers accidentally broke their feet or even fractured when they cut wood in the mountains. They will take the initiative to find the location of the coriander, pull a little, chew with the teeth, and then evenly spread the chewed coriander. On the wound, in this way, the injured patient can slowly move open for about a month or so, which is of great significance for patients with early functional recovery.

Tianxiang is a kind of pure natural green and non-polluting vegetables. It is dried and dried. It is also very dry and delicious. Tianxiangxiang tastes bitter and cold. Now various studies have found that Tianxiang has the important effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar. This is good news for those who have already suffered from three high diseases. Go back to health by eating these green vegetables.

Speaking of so many effects of the celery, the most important effect is left to the end. As a kind of wild vegetables, it is now used by people to maintain health care and treat diseases. However, in the famine era, Tianxiang is a life-saving food. People can’t starve when they eat Tiancai, so Tianxiang is a “relief”. “!

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