A hundred years old “Tiger standard” shoulder and neck cream, wipe a touch, shoulder and neck soreness is much better

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After the National Day holiday just ended, do you feel this way too? The holiday is really more tired than going to work!

With a baby door, home cleaning, friends gathering, this week, the whole body is sore.

At this time, show me my secret weapon, it is – tiger standard shoulder and neck soothing cream.

Two times in a stiff and uncomfortable place, the sense of soreness disappeared in half.

虎标颈肩舒 50g

喏, this is the tiger neck and shoulder soothing cream, commonly known as “neck and shoulders “From the Singapore Tiger and Leopard Company, it has been a hundred years old.”

It contains a unique herbal extract that effectively relieves muscle soreness in the neck, shoulders, back, and waist.

Neck and shoulders are very famous in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and other places in China, and are basically daily necessities for every household.

Senior girl has been using it since she was in college, and the effect of relieving soreness has never let me down.

Specially suitable for sedentary white-collar workers, students, and low-end people who often play with mobile phones, it is also a good choice for elders.

The neck and shoulders are available in Hong Kong, Thai, and Singapore. The famous doctor’s shop sells the Hong Kong version.

Because of good reputation, this neck and shoulders is one of the things that many people must buy when they go to Hong Kong, China. Even if they don’t buy it, they will be Friends demand a variety of belts, and it’s so hot.

Smell the scent of mint

The neck and shoulders are white creamy texture, especially push-open, there is a kind on the skin. The cool feeling can subside the body’s soreness.

It’s not greasy, it’s very fast, and it’s great.

Shoot search, online reviews are super:

“For a while, my husband’s knees are often sore because of excessive exercise. I used this to ease a lot. Now the family is always ready.”

“The phone has more shoulders. It hurts, after wiping this, I can hardly feel sore, super amazing!”

“It’s really useful! It’s so cool to apply cool.”

Tiger standard neck and shoulders, available at the famous doctor’s shop

Limited price of ¥78 (daily sales price ¥98)

On October 10th, 23:59 special offer ends

The reason why the tiger neck and shoulders are soothing soreness is because the three main components of camphor, menthol and peppermint oil are added.

Cerebellum: Extracted from the white stork trunk, it has the effect of reducing swelling and relieving pain.

Menthol: Extracted from mint leaves and stems to cool and relieve itching.

Peppermint oil: is derived from mint leaves and acts to soothe calm and relieve fatigue.

In addition, lavender oil, blue eucalyptus oil, glycerin and other ingredients are added to enhance soothing effect while moisturizing.

When using, apply a proper amount of cream and gently apply it to the stiff and sore area.

Slightly massage your hands to help your skin absorb and relieve muscle soreness faster.

This is not a big size. It is also very convenient to go out in the bag. When the backache is sore and sore, you can instantly relieve it.

Note: Tiger Standard Neck and Shoulder is from Singapore Tiger and Leopard Company. It is manufactured in Thailand and sold in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and other places. For the Hong Kong version.

Pregnant women or girls during lactation and children under 12 years of age should seek medical advice before use. Some people with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction and can be used in small areas before use. Test on the skin first.

Tiger standard neck and shoulders, available at the famous doctor’s shop

Limited time special price¥78 (daily sales Price ¥98)

On October 10th, 23:59 special end

Tiger Balm belongs to the Singapore Tiger Leopard The company is a world-famous painkiller.

The brand of Tiger Label was founded by Hu Wenhu and Hu Wenbao brothers. It has been around for hundreds of years, except for the neck and shoulders, the brand’s Wanjin oil and pain relief stickers. Cloth is also very famous.

Every product of Tiger Standard has a unique formula, which is very popular in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and other places in China. Because of the good reputation, many tourists come to the local piles. Buy it in piles or give it to friends and family.

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