A picture of “three reductions” to make your life healthier!

The survey shows that chronic diseases closely related to lifestyle have become the main cause of death in China in recent years. Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat have become the number one public enemy of health, thus changing bad habits. It is a key element in protecting health. To this end, the National Health and Health Commission launched a “three reductions and three health” special campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle.

What is “three minus three health”? Learn about it below! Also, light is not enough. The important thing is that everyone is acting and being the first person responsible for their health. Healthy China, you have me, Let’s go!

One of the pictures to understand “three minus three health”: salt reduction

“One picture to understand “three reductions and three health”” second: sugar reduction articles

“One picture to understand “three reductions and three health”” : Oil reduction articles

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