A very simple folk remedy, get your eyes dry, but also blood and spleen!

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Long-term use of computer eyes will dry up, photophobia It is better to stop and take a break at this time. Is there any way to relieve the dry eyes besides rest? This time the diet can come in handy!

I recommend a folk remedy for everyone to quickly relieve dry eyes.

Users share: My family has a habit of always making new red dates and oysters every winter. Take out a small bowl every day, and the whole family will eat two or three spoons when they eat breakfast. Needless to say, eating this thing is really very healthy. Because this red jujube has the effect of nourishing the blood and strengthening the spleen.

Director Wei Yong of Xiamen Eye Center affiliated to Xiamen University:

枸杞 is the agent for tonifying kidney, calming the taste, nourishing yin and nourishing blood. Eyes and eyes.

Red dates are a common food in life. Chinese medicine believes that jujube is sweet and warm. The main function is Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves. It is mainly used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency and blood deficiency. The treatment of chlorosis, blood deficiency, insomnia and other dreams has a good nourishing effect on people who are physically weak after the disease.

The red jujube ointment is added to the yellow wine and boiled. It has the effect of distracting the wind and eyesight, especially in front of the computer. The eyes often feel dry and dizzy sub-healthy people can eat regularly.

How to make red dates ointment:

Ingredients: red dates, alfalfa, yellow wine

1. Prepare four or two red dates, one or two, one or two yellow wine

2, first cook the red dates, remove the skin and the core

3, then add oysters and rice wine to cook

4, wait until the juice is concentrated, put it in the bottle and put it in the refrigerator freezer.

Who is the red jujube cream suitable for?

1, middle-aged and elderly

The tear secretion of such people is diminished and easy to see. Cognac

2. People who often watch computers and TVs

The frequency of such people is reduced, tears The time of film evaporation will be significantly prolonged, causing the eyes to dry up.

3. People with vitamin A deficiency

This type of person not only has dry eyes but also dry skin. There are also night blindness manifestations.

4, dry eye syndrome

A person diagnosed with dry eye by a doctor

Director Wei Yong: After the symptoms of dry eyes, it is best to find an ophthalmologist to do the relevant examination to determine the cause of dry eyes and to treat the cause.

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