After a woman removes the uterus, will she enter the menopause too early? The truth is here

In a woman’s life, from childhood to mature women, to marriage and children, the body is subject to more changes and “burdens” than men. Especially after getting married and having children, women’s mind and body will be greatly tested. Take the body, after a woman gives birth, on the one hand, she has to take care of her children, on the other hand, she has to work. Compared with the previous two worlds, there is an additional responsibility for nurturing children. The body is bound to increase the load. For a long time, gynecological diseases have always been the shadow of women’s lingering, light gynecological inflammation, and the formation of temperamental lesions and even radical surgery. Some of them have also removed the uterus, which is a very painful thing for women.

So, people who have had a hysterectomy will have a psychological concern. Is it no longer a woman? Physical concerns are whether you will get older faster? Here is a one-by-one explanation for everyone.

When a woman removes her uterus, will she go to menopause too early? The truth is here.

Women’s uterus removal is often due to some uterine fibroids, which are referred to here as benign, the drug has no curative effect, the amount of bleeding is large, and there is cervical cancer, endometrium Patients with cancer, sarcoma, and choriocarcinoma. Others are due to severe functional uterine bleeding, doctors will recommend uterine removal surgery. For female patients, the surgery itself is not afraid, fearing what it will become after surgery. Amy is a woman’s nature. Keeping youth is a topic that women have never changed. The fear in the bones is logical.

There are two situations here:

The first situation: Some women may be masculine after a uterine removal surgery. The truth is, although the uterus is taken out, our ovaries are good. After the lesions are removed, the ovarian secretion will gradually become normal. The difference between men and women is that females and androgens are at work. Female ovaries are normal, estrogen secretion is normal, naturally in appearance and body are the same as before, the only difference is that there is no menstruation, you have to get out of the shadow of worry.

The second case: some removal of the uterus breaks the equilibrium between the uterus and the ovary, which promotes the ovarian function. Because the blood supply from the ovary comes from the uterine artery, without the uterus, it will affect the blood supply of the ovary, causing the ovarian function to decline, the level of estrogen is decreased, and the symptoms of menopause are advanced. This is different from person to person. Through this running-in period, menopause does not significantly advance. If the physical quality is weak and the psychological burden is heavy, the symptoms will be obvious.

Summary: In general, retaining the ovaries after surgery can still maintain the normal physiological function of women and will not accelerate aging. Patients should have confidence.

The hysterectomy, in addition to a positive and optimistic attitude, is very necessary in the diet.

1, avoid stimulating, spicy

food such as onion, ginger and garlic should not eat as much as possible, white wine, pickled food, etc. use.

2, diet should be light

After the uterus removal surgery, for the body, it is to remove a very important organ The body is extremely weak. At this time, we should eat light, nutritious and easy to absorb, and avoid eating mutton, crab, squid and other hair. At this time, the tonic should be in accordance with the doctor’s advice, after all, the individual differences are different.

3, hot food

Inedible hot food such as longan, red dates and royal jelly. Some foods containing hormonal ingredients are also prohibited.

4, eat more food

eat more foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, such as eating more lean meat, chicken, eggs , cabbage, asparagus, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, tofu, seaweed, fruit, etc. And high protein, low fat foods.

Women in the family not only shoulder the burden of having children, but modern women are more self-sufficient and work like men. It seems that women’s pay is huge, so, in the family, Men must care for women and give care and care from psychological and physiological aspects. In terms of emotions, men are the home’s flavoring agents, and they use humor to guide women, so that both husband and wife can jointly support a complete and happy family.



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