After the girl’s first “menstruation”, if you have these 3 habits, then you can grow 4cm higher.

After the girl’s first “menstrual period”, if you have these 3 habits, then you can grow up to 4cm.

Generally, girls want It is earlier than the development of boys. It is said in the folks that if a girl comes to the first “menstruation”, it is not easy to grow taller. In fact, this is a wrong idea, although the premenstrual period is The climb of girls’ height, but this does not mean that girls will stop growing after the first menstrual period. If the girls feel that menstruation is coming, they will not grow taller. Such a subconscious will not grow for their own growth. What impact.

One, do more aerobic exercise

At present, many students and friends will be a little weak, after all, many students and friends of physical education teachers are physically Weak, if you don’t agree, you will be “ill”, and the physical education class will become the main class outside the language, and now there is a student friend, especially a female student. The physical education class does not exercise well, but is in the school’s canteen. Eating and eating drinks is very bad for your health. In the physical education class, you can jog for 20 minutes and chat with your good girlfriends. It is not boring.

Second, diet balance

After the first month, you must pay attention to supplement your own nutrition. If you can’t keep up with nutrition, then it is even more Don’t talk about long body. As the saying goes, breakfast should be good, Chinese food should be full, and dinner should be eaten less. This is all reasonable. Of course, the beauty of the heart, everyone has it, many girls also hope that they Being able to have an ultimate “devil figure”, so I lose weight, but in fact, this will only cause damage to your body. In fact, too thin is not really beautiful, usually drink less, snacks and eat less. It is still relatively easy to slim down.

Third, good mentality

The girls are not in a good state of mind. On the one hand, they are from school pressure and teachers. On the other hand, it is a family. Some families will have a negative impact on the psychology of girls, and some families are too strict and have no good results. Many girls are prone to form the character of “big sister” and some will If you are suffering from a loss, you think that you are not tall, and you will be more anxious and uncomfortable. In fact, if you change your mindset, even if you are anxious, the meat will grow objectively. It is better to go for an active The mentality to face. Generally speaking, after the first month of menstruation, the height has basically reached about 95% of its normal value. To make a very simple analogy, suppose a girl is 158cm when she first comes to menstruation. A habit, then she probably can grow 7.9cm, and the final fixed height can reach 165.9cm, which is also very good, and according to the average, stick to these 3 habits, and then grow 4cm is completely without any questionable.

After the girl’s first “menstruation”, if you have these three habits, then you can grow up to 4cm, and hope that you can reach your ideal height!



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