After the holiday, I also add clothes – cold dew



The sky is hot and the night is cold, and the vegetation is drooping and falling yellow.

The day enjoys the chrysanthemum and sows the wheat, and the night pears raise the spleen and intestines.

“After the Seventy-two Hours of the Month, the Cold Dew”

Hanlu Festival:

September Festival. Depressed cold, will condense also


Hongyan guests. The geese are mainly the first-time winners of the Mid-Autumn Festival. “General Book” is coming to the shore. Bin, water, and also pass.

It’s a slap in the water. Birds, birds, and their likes, this is the oriole. Big water, sea, “Mandarin” cloud: the bird into the sea as a beggar. Cover the cold and serious, and enter the sea. It turned into a cockroach, and this fly was turned into a potential. Hey, hey, this little one too.

Chrysanthemum has Huang Hua. Grass and wood are all in Huayang, and Dujuhua is in Yin. It is said that Taohua’s Hua is not in the color, and the Dujuyan, whose color is in the season of autumn and autumn.


As the saying goes: “The cold is not exposed.” After the cold dew, the temperature gradually decreases, so the public should not often show up naked. The anti-cooling gas invades the body, and the summer sandals can basically be put away to prevent the “cold from being born”. Use hot water to soak your feet every night, which can make the blood vessels of the feet expand, blood flow speeds up, improve the skin and tissue nutrition of the feet and feet, and reduce the pain of lower limbs.

昼短夜 Early sleep can conform to the yang converge, and getting up early can make the lungs stretch.

When the cold dew is exposed, the forests in the northern layer are dyed, and the sky is high and wide; the rivers in the south are dry and dry. The ancients had the custom of climbing the New Year and friends together, meaning “step by step,” and the Double Ninth Festival is just before and after the cold dew, so the cold dew is also suitable for ascending.


Because of the late autumn climate, the yang is gradually absorbed from the surface to the inside. At this time, it is easy to produce sad emotions; and the lungs are the officials who are responsible for the sadness and worry.

So young people are easily saddened by the trivialities of their family business. The elderly are easily affected by past events; the current lungs are the focus of our conservation

Du Mu “mountain line”

The far north Hanshan stone diameter material, Baiyunsheng is home.

Parking and sitting in love with Fenglin night. Frosty leaves are red in February.

Food therapy

After the cold dew, the common saying is “Spring, Autumn and Autumn”, when the temperature drops and the air is dry, it should be sweet, light and moist. Food, the maintenance of the spleen and stomach and lungs. The virulence of the cold virus is enhanced.

There are pears, persimmons, bananas, etc.; vegetables include carrots, melon, medlar, white fungus, etc., as well as beans, fungi, kelp, seaweed, etc. Middle-aged and chronic patients should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat and other foods.

Recommended diet: sugar cane horseshoe water


Cane 1/4 segment, 8-10 horseshoes, 1 carrot, 6 red dates, 10g fresh ginger.


1. The horseshoe is peeled and washed. The cane is cut into sections and cut into four pieces as much as possible. The carrots are cut into sections. Wash the red dates and soak the ginger.

2. Put the washed horseshoe, sugar cane and carrot segments into the pot.

3, add water, the amount of water is at least 3 times more than the ingredients in the pot.

4. Boil it with a big fire, add red dates and ginger, and change to a small fire. Cook for 1 hour on low heat and turn off the heat to drink.


Sexual sweetness, flat. Into the lungs, stomach. It has the effect of clearing away heat and quenching thirst, diminishing phlegm and lowering blood pressure.

Run drink

Traditional Chinese medicine point of view, “dry” is the biggest climate in autumn, especially in late autumn, the most taboo is dry The dry cough is especially obvious, the child coughs, the drug is difficult to treat, and the body water is much more volatile, so wrinkles, dry skin itching and other symptoms appear.


Black Tea

Improve blood circulation, eliminate edema, moisturize skin, break down cholesterol, protect heart, reduce allergic inflammation,

Helps enhance memory and slow down aging to improve women’s premenstrual syndrome

Susu wants to remind everyone that it is usually internal, and now you need to increase the external application, after bathing Milk, facial mask after cleansing, eye cream before going to bed, lip balm before going out; each Can’t fall down

If you want to be beautiful and generous in front of people, you must be able to maintain it afterwards.

Little friends

It’s time to add clothes.



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