Aplastic anemia is not leukemia, but treatment can’t be relaxed!

Infection, bleeding, and anemia are common symptoms in leukemia patients, and patients with such performance often appear in patients with aplastic anemia. Therefore, many patients or their families will think that they are aplastic anemia. Equivalent to leukemia.

In fact, aplastic anemia and leukemia are two different things. Generally speaking, aplastic anemia is that bone marrow does not produce blood, while leukemia is caused by bad blood in bone marrow, and the pathogenesis is different. The treatment and survival period will also be very different.

For a long time, everyone will think that it is “no cure“, but with modern medicine and treatment programs Progressive and perfect, non-heavy aplastic anemia can be restored to normal living conditions through the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Even the most serious aplastic aplastic anemia can be extended by immunosuppressive therapy, bone marrow transplantation and other programs. Completely cured.

Since aplastic anemia is not a malignant disease, can it be cured?

Many patients recognize aplastic anemia It is not a malignant disease, especially in patients with chronic aplastic anemia. Although the course of the disease is very long, the condition is not as serious as imagined. Some patients can be cured by long-term treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, it is considered that chronic aplastic anemia is also a chronic disease. !

Experts reminded that although aplastic anemia is not a blood tumor, it does not mean a chronic disease. Some patients with aplastic anemia are severely ill and critically ill. Large doses of immunosuppressive agents or bone marrow transplants are needed to control the disease as soon as possible. If not treated promptly, the patient is likely to be threatened with death within six months.

Not a heavy aplastic anemia, although the disease develops slowly, the patient often has sufficient treatment time, but it does not mean that the condition must be controllable. If the patient relaxes and slacks treatment, It is likely to cause the disease to worsen and turn into a heavy aplastic anemia.

To this end, the treatment of aplastic anemia should be treated as soon as possible, and the sooner the treatment, the chance of recovery is higher!




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