Baby is even thinner than Kunling, 2 people fitness photos contrast, the gap is too big to believe

AngelaBaby and Kunling are both hot stars, and 2 people can be said to be God’s darlings. AngelaBaby and Huang Xiaoming have been sweet since they got married, and Kunling is called “the woman who saved the galaxy”. After she married Jay Chou, she became more and more famous.

Recently, photos of Kunling’s vacation at the seaside were exposed, and Tianwang’s did not forget the fitness at this time.

From the photo point of view, 88 pounds of Kunling has a distinct vest line, and the body is also bumpy. As a mixed Chinese and Australian, she is very beautiful, and her body is not fat or thin.

However, AngelaBaby, which weighs 2 pounds more than Kunling, looks slimmer, and is also a fitness photo. The visual difference is particularly large.

It’s all AngelaBaby’s chest is small, but this fitness photo looks like the top is very full and the body is not good enough. Especially this slender and flat belly, it looks like 10 pounds thinner than Kunling!

The petite baby is also full of girlhood. However, both the shape of the baby and the body of Kunling are very enviable, which has a lot to do with their good habit of loving fitness and exercising.

So, the perfect goddess who wants to become a curve, don’t forget to exercise. Below, Xiao Bian recommended to you a few simple fitness exercises, girls can easily help at home to practice shaping the body!

Action 1:

Action 2:

Action 3:

Action 4:



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