Be sure to pay attention! Three principles of strong autumn health

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Family Health Tips:

Three principles of Xiaoqiang autumn health

1,Living health: Autumn, it is best to fall asleep at 10 o’clock in the morning, six in the morning Point – get up at seven o’clock to conform to the “adoption” approach.

2, Sports Health: You can choose five birds, Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, yoga, etc. to adjust your mind, and the amount of exercise should be slightly sweaty.

3,Diet Health:Autumn diet should eat more yin and moisturizing foods, such as white fungus, sugar cane, pear, alfalfa, spinach, black bone Chicken, soy milk, duck eggs, honey, etc.

You can also eat more sour foods, such as: apples, pomegranates, grapes, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn, etc.; eat less spicy foods, such as: onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, etc. Take the liver to collect lung gas.

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About-the most recent concerns about ankylosing spondylitis


Question: How do you understand the complete fusion of necrosis? Is it the whole vertebra or individual vertebrae? According to my situation, my three-spine vertebrae are particularly convex, and they are calcified. Now I can’t sleep, now I am sleeping halfway. How can I rehabilitate my spine? Give me a rehabilitation program!

Completely integrated necrosis is almost the result of the top three hospitals: it has not been alleviated and recovered by drug biologics, and can only be recovered by surgical means such as small face replacement.

There is generally less necrosis, and there is more local necrosis.

There is no absolute good plan here. Only you are the best doctor. The advice you can give is: follow the doctor’s advice and actively cooperate with the medicine + when the illness is mild, actively carry out rehabilitation exercises. /p>


Ask: It’s so annoying, every doctor says about drugs Not the same? I don’t know what medicine to eat.

It is sputum, and each drug has a different small potent effect, control effect, and side effects are different.


Ask: My femoral head is fully integrated, I should How to exercise to improve it? What do you usually pay attention to?

With some of the things you can do in moderation and moderation: Jogging Ba Duan Jin Taiji and some yoga stretching lacings that maintain the function of major joints.

General tonic needs to pay attention: avoid cold and cold diet, avoid sedentary, avoid cold and cold, pay attention to keep warm, avoid other various inflammatory inflammation and inflammation, etc., avoid traumatic fatigue Stay up all night, keep a good mood, and love your body more than ordinary people, exercise yourself.


Question: Will it cause more sweat?

Yes, and sweating is more, and has a certain relationship with Xiaoqiang’s own immune system.

“This is the strongest

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