Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid comparison table for all ages, one for everyone, worth collecting

Blood, blood lipids, blood sugar, and uric acid are the four most basic indicators for measuring our physical condition.

A lot of people don’t know how much blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, and uric acid indicators are qualified. More importantly, these reference indicators are not static and will change with age. Therefore, after many human examinations, they found that their indicators are inconsistent with the standard indicators, and they often think that they have problems with their bodies. In fact, it is likely to be within the normal range.


Blood pressure

Low blood supply, high damage to vascular organs

Hypertension: can cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply in all parts of the body. Produces dizziness, weakness, black eyes, and even syncope, which also increases the risk of stroke;

Hypertension: Excessive stress can damage individual organs Tissue, including blood vessels, heart and kidneys, also increases the risk of stroke.

But the blood pressure of the person is not always stable, it will change within a day, it will change within a lifetime, and the blood pressure of men and women will also There will be differences, so this table is very much needed for reference.

Comparative Table of Normal Blood Pressure References for Each Age:

Data from: Yang Chuanhua, Director and Chief Expert of China National Hypertension Clinical Research Base /p>

In addition, if blood pressure exceeds the standard, how do you judge whether you have high blood pressure? Please refer to the table below.

General reference for hypertension diagnosis:

Data from: Yang Chuanhua, director and chief expert of China National Hypertension Clinical Research Base.

In addition, experts remind that blood pressure measurement is also affected by many factors, such as emotional, nervous, exercise, temperature, etc., one measurement can not be blindly diagnosed.


Blood sugar

Low damage to the brain, high damage to the organs

Hyperglycemia: it will cause great harm to the patient, caused by light Memory loss, unresponsiveness, dementia, coma, until life-threatening. Some patients induced cerebrovascular accidents, arrhythmias and myocardial infarction.

Hyperglycemia: It can also cause macrovascular disease. Diabetic macroangiopathy refers to atherosclerosis such as the aorta, coronary artery, basilar artery, renal artery, and peripheral artery. Among them, atherosclerosis is more serious and has a higher mortality rate. About 70% to 80% of diabetic patients die of diabetic macroangiopathy.

Similarly, blood sugar is not static, and blood sugar will change with eating, digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, in general, there are two values ​​of fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose as a reference.

Glucose reference values ​​and general diagnostic criteria:

In addition, there are grades for diabetic patients, which are classified as mild diabetes, moderate diabetes, Severe diabetes, the specific reference data is as follows:

Mild diabetes: 7.0~8.4mmoi/L;

Moderate diabetes: 8.4~10.1 Mmoi/L;

Severe diabetes: greater than 10.11mmoi/L.


Blood fat

Low malnutrition, high health hazard

Hyperlipidemia: Many people think that the lower the blood lipid, the better, in fact, the blood lipid is too low It is as harmful to health as hyperlipidemia. Studies have shown that people with low cholesterol intake (150 to 200 mg per day) have twice as many heart disease deaths as high cholesterol intake levels (greater than 300 mg). In older people over the age of 70, when the cholesterol level is lower than 4.16 mmol/L, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular acute events is higher than that of 6.24 mmol/L.

Hyperlipidemia: If too much blood lipids, it is easy to cause “blood thickening”, deposited on the blood vessel wall, gradually forming small “plaques”, and Increasingly, increasing, gradually blocking blood vessels, slowing blood flow, and interrupting blood flow in severe cases. Just like the scale in the water heater pipe accumulates more and more, eventually the water pipe is blocked, the water flow is slower and slower, and when it is serious, the water does not flow out.

General reference values ​​for blood lipids:


Uric acid

High causes hyperuricemia, gout

Clinically, when uric acid exceeds 390 μmol/L, hyperuricemia can be diagnosed. Most gout patients have a uric acid value of more than 420 micromoles per liter.

General reference value for uric acid:

Finally, these several comparison tables are a reference to your physical condition. Let us know more about our body



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