Can’t read the optometry list? 5 minutes to teach you to decipher it like a doctor!

After vision inspection, very few people can really understand the prescription.

Want to interpret the prescriptions like a doctor? Not at all difficult. Xiaokang will decipher for everyone!

This is an optometry list

As long as these characters are sorted, it is not so dizzy.

First come to the basic class course~

1. Since it is a binocular vision test, you must first distinguish between the left and right eyes.

R (or OD) is the right eye and L (or OS) is the left eye.

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2. Several metrics need to be measured to describe the vision, they They are:

S(Spherical): spherical mirror, referring to myopia, farsightedness

C(Cylindrical): lenticular, astigmatism

A(Axis): Axial position, astigmatism direction

VA(Vision): Vision, see the clarity of the object

3. The above several indicators, the corresponding number of lines below, is the preliminary measurement results of each indicator.

Generally it will measure 3-4 times. A line with an * is the average of the previous optometry. If the SE is marked, it is a comprehensive reference value.

4. Don’t ignore the + and – symbols, it’s important!

+ stands for farsightedness, and stands for nearsightedness. Because astigmatism also has the distinction of farsightedness and myopia, the astigmatism should also be marked before the symbol.

5. As for the rest of the numbers, just need to know two things~

VD is The mirror distance (representing the test distance) is about 12-13 mm.

PD is the distance between the pupils and the center of the pupil between the eyes.

Knowing the meaning of these characters, it is a good analysis to get the optometry list~

Analysis of the right eye with the above optometry list as an example:

Synchronize analysis of left eye myopia 325 degrees, astigmatism 25 degrees, 4 ° direction.

From the optometry list, it belongs to both eyes of simple myopia, no astigmatism (astigmatism)

In fact, there is an error in the computer optometry list, only For reference.

Myopia friends remember to go to the regular hospital do a comprehensive and rigorous medical optometry! especially for the first time to do myopia examination.

The optic prescriptions issued according to the inspection results are the basis for the optician!

There are three types of optic lenses: Concave spherical lenses (corrected myopia), convex spherical lenses (corrected hyperopia), and astigmatic lenses.

DS refers to correcting myopia/television lenses, and DC refers to correcting astigmatic lenses.

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OD:+3.50DS=1.0 (represents right eye hyperopia 350 degrees, no astigmatism, wearing glasses After vision can reach 1.0)

Most doctors like to mark “=”+number at the back. The visual acuity that can be achieved with the help of glasses is also the predictive effect of myopia surgery.

A lot of people’s refractive is not a hybrid type, such as

OS:-1.50DS-0.75DCx180°=1.0 (indicating renaturation myopic astigmatism, left eye myopia 150 degrees, combined with myopic astigmatism 75 degrees, astigmatism axis at 180 degrees, corrected visual acuity 1.0)

Is it easy? Find out the optometry list and see how you learn it~



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