Celebrities “get together” suffering from cancer! What is the use of more money?

News of celebrity deaths one by one

On the evening of September 28th, the famous comic performance artist Shi ShengjieThe death of liver cancer was invalid, at the age of 66. Shi Shengjie once promised to the audience that he wants to be 80 years old, but unfortunately he has already closed in advance!

In the early morning of September 28th, the rock singer 臧天朔 died of liver cancer at the age of 54.

On September 19th, “Auspicious Sambo” singer Brenbayar died of a heart attack at the age of 58. The song says: The three of us are the ones that are good fortune. Today, “Auspicious Sambo” will never lose a treasure, Dad went to the horizon…

September 7, the famous violinist 盛中国 sudden heart I am sick at the age of 77. Sheng China is one of the first violinists to win honors for China in the world. The representative works are “梁祝”.

In addition, CCTV host Zhu Xun, Yu Ting and others are fighting cancer.

Some of these celebrities have become household names, some are in the ascendant of their careers, but they are plagued by diseases and even take their lives. Compared with ordinary people, they eat delicious mushrooms, eat imported drugs, please get a doctor, but unfortunately still can not save their lives.

How terrible cancer is it

A few days ago, the National Cancer Center released the latest national cancer statistics. According to the report, about 10,000 people diagnosed cancer every day in the country, and about 7 people diagnosed with cancer every minute. From 0 to 85 years old, a person has a cancer risk of 36%.

It is estimated that the cost of treating cancer in China is 100 billion yuan per year. Many families are “poor because of cancer” and even go bankrupt, paying for medical treatment and spending money on “bottomless pits”. It is to see cancer. No one can afford the cost of medicine to treat cancer. Each cancer patient spends more than 5 to 20 million yuan a month in hospital, basically one suffers from cancer and falls to a home!

Think about the news you have seen in these years. How many heartbreaking requests are there in the hospital? How many griefs give up? How many helpless help? How many “one person is sick, the whole family is poor” sadness? And the root of all this, only one word – money! Because in the face of serious illness and serious illness, 500,000 is basic, 700,000 is well-off, and 1 million is considered rich!

“Talk about cancer” is almost universally used by everyone in the face of this loss. Why is cancer so terrible? Because a paper is diagnosed, it is not only the hope of life, but also the inhalation of money, the edge of an otherwise happy family going bankrupt.

You know how to keep your health, the disease is far away from you; you don’t know how to keep your health, you are sick, you don’t care, you need to be a doctor now;

Man health, reflects the responsibility; women health, reflects the quality; children health, reflects the hope; the elderly health, reflecting the smile in the sunset.

People who don’t know how to keep healthy are dying in the hospital!

Life, no, only consequences and results

For young people The arrival of disease means “deprivation of youth”. For petty-funded families, the arrival of disease means “laundering wealth.” For poor families, the arrival of disease means “debt.”

Many people don’t believe in health, feel that health is too much trouble, and eating some nutrients is too expensive. Professor Zhao Lin, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, said in a speech at the Great Hall of the People: “The most expensive money spent in this life is not to maintain health, nor to buy a house or a car, but before death.” The day’s rescue fee!” The root of solving this problem lies in the belief in health, understanding health, love health, health can not be guaranteed, but can prevent problems.



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