Children with bad teeth, mom and dad should pay attention

Children change their teeth and become ugly–

Those things Mom and Dad must know during the tooth-changing period

奇奇四 I changed my teeth when I was old. My mother always thought that I would change early. I was worried that he would be precocious. If the permanent teeth that grew out would fall off early, what should I do? After the eight-year-old Xiaohan changed his teeth, the teeth that grew out were large, the teeth were large, and the position was not correct. He also turned outwards and became a tooth decay. The mother seemed to look at it. The original pretty child, how to change the teeth became so Ugly? When can I correct it? When it comes to the problem of changing teeth, it is estimated that there are a lot of problems for parents. For this reason, “Good Children” specially invited Dr. Liang Xiumin from Beihai Jianmin Dental Clinic to tell you about the children’s teeth change!

Dr. Liang Xiumin said that when the child changes his teeth, the newly grown incisors are relatively large, and even double-layered teeth and serrated teeth appear, and people become “ugly”. These are actually normal.

Child’s tooth change time

First, let’s take a look at the order and time of the child’s teeth change. A person must have two teeth in his life, that is, deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. The order of changing teeth is not changed from the outside to the inside, but in a different order. Dr. Liang showed the reporter a picture:

Children’s changing teeth vary from person to person, Most of the physiological detachment of the first deciduous teeth occurred around 6 years old, but it was as early as 4 years old, or as late as 7-8 years old. Mothers don’t have to worry too much about the time of changing teeth. If the child has passed the age of 7 and has not had a tooth falling off, he should be taken to the hospital for a dental examination. Dr. Liang said: “Don’t worry, the delay in changing teeth will generally not have any big impact on children!”

The six-year-old tooth only grows once in a lifetime

After the age of six, the first permanent molar will be ejected behind the baby’s second deciduous teeth, also known as “6-year-old teeth“. Because there are many deep pits on the surface when it erupts, the food residue is easy to remain, and many parents don’t know its existence, even think it will be replaced, so neglecting the care, leading to many children’s six-year-old teeth Start to smash early.

Parents must pay attention! Six-year-old teeth only grow once, and this tooth must be cleaned after eruption, and the pits and fissures should be closed in time.

The front teeth are not aligned, do you want to correct them?

After the child’s front teeth were replaced, there was a misalignment. Dr. Liang said that in fact, this is normal. Because the child’s bone development is relatively small when changing teeth, and the changed front teeth are as big as the adult teeth, there will be temporary crowding. Adjacent teeth squeezing each other when they erupt, causing the front teeth to be skewed and twisted, and they look less tidy.

The situation improves with age and skull development. However, if it is around the age of 12, there will still be a misalignment, and parents will need to take the child to correct it in time.

Special reminder that incorrect breastfeeding and incorrect use of the bottle can cause uneven alignment of the teeth, as well as some bad habits such as biting the lips, biting the lips, biting the nails. Breathing, mouth breathing, etc. can also cause dental problems. When you open your mouth while breathing, your mouth may cause your child to have a maxillary protrusion, a high arch on the upper jaw, and a soft tooth. Parents must be vigilant and correct these bad habits in a timely manner.

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