Commonly used to drink water, have these 5 benefits to the body, don’t miss it in autumn and winter.

People who love to drink love to drink the water, and put it in the mug, which can be seen everywhere in life. Always listen to others saying that you are a good thing, then do you know what its specific effects are? Is there any taboo for attention? Let me talk about it:

The effect of sputum soaking water 1, eyesight and eye protection

枸杞, known as “bright eyes”, is considered by Chinese medicine to have a clear effect. The sputum contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as carotene, and is also rich in calcium, iron and other nutrients, all of which can serve the purpose. In modern society, people use excessive eyes, often have problems with dry eyes, eyelids and even unclear vision. Eating more sputum can effectively improve eye problems and protect our eyes.

The effect of soaking water 2, delaying aging

There is also the effect of delaying aging and prolonging life. Because the scorpion polysaccharide and B-carotene contained in sputum are good antioxidants, sputum also contains a lot of vitamin C. These substances have good nourishing and anti-aging effects on the human body. Eating more can also prevent skin wrinkles and make your skin younger and more energetic. Therefore, drinking water or putting some cockroaches in the food can slow down the aging effect.

The effect of sputum water 3, assisted blood pressure

枸杞 can effectively help lower blood pressure. The common red peony in our lives has the unique effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids as well as blood sugar. It can improve blood circulation, strengthen fragile blood vessels, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. It can effectively prevent diseases such as cerebral thrombosis or cerebral infarction caused by arterial and arteriosclerosis. Moreover, it can effectively protect the liver’s blood circulation and accumulation of fat and prevent the occurrence of fatty liver.

Foaming water effect 4, improve immunity.

Drinking water or adding a little sputum to the dish can also increase the body’s immunity. The sputum contains a lot of vitamins and related nutrients such as calcium and iron. Can effectively supplement the nutrients needed by the body. Studies have shown that sputum can help the regeneration of human hematopoietic stem cells, improve hematopoietic function, and increase the content of white blood cells in red blood cells. It increases the ability of the human body to resist the invasion of external bacteria, and has the effect of improving human immunity.

Foaming water effect 5, whitening beauty

The nutrients contained in the sputum can promote the body’s nutrition Absorption, play a role in beauty. The human body absorbs nutrients and promotes the metabolism of the skin, thereby achieving the whitening effect, and the sputum can promote the growth of collagen and make the skin more elastic.

Although there are so many functions, there are the following contraindications when eating:

1, liver and kidney are not The virtual person takes less

枸杞 can nourish the liver and kidney, and people with liver and kidney are not necessary to take a lot.

2, taking less heat and taking less people

It is warm and warm, with a strong warm body effect. If the person with the body heat takes it, it will increase the effect of warming, and it is prone to a large overdose. Therefore, people with impatience, high blood fat and other people should take as little as possible.

3, don’t take a lot of drugs

枸杞 is also a drug, it is a drug three-point poison. If a single overdose of cockroaches can cause people to get angry, nosebleeds, and even cause eye irritation and other unhealthy reactions.



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