Did you receive the 5 major signals from colon cancer?

Colon cancer is a malignant tumor of the digestive tract that occurs in the colon. It occurs at the junction of the rectum and the sigmoid colon and occurs mostly in the 40-50 age group. With the development of society, people’s diet and living habits have undergone tremendous changes. They prefer heavy taste, high-sugar and high-fat diet, hunger and malnutrition, unclean diet, and staying up late, making the incidence of colon cancer younger.

The specific symptoms of colon cancer are not obvious, occur, develop secret, and are often difficult to detect. In severe cases, it invades surrounding or distant tissues. But the early colon cancer cure rate is high, so I was able to find the disease when the early body sent us a “salvation signal”. What signals did colon cancer send us?

Abnormal stool changes

colon cancer Abnormal changes in stool usually manifest as constipation or diarrhea. Constipation is a local narrowing of the intestine caused by a mass of colon cancer, and the stool is difficult to discharge. When the tumor and its secretions stimulate the intestinal tract, causing local infiltration, erosion, and ulceration in the intestine, the patient may develop diarrhea, and some people may suffer from symptoms such as increased qi, nausea, and vomiting. Therefore, long-term chronic diarrhea not only causes dehydration, malnutrition, but also an important early signal of intestinal cancer. If there are no obvious incentives for diarrhea, constipation, or a combination of both that last for several weeks, you need to be extra vigilant against colon cancer.

The left colon tumors are mostly invasive, which may cause ring stenosis, which can block the intestines, resulting in poor passage of stools, resulting in thin stools. A lump-type colon cancer tissue causes the stool to be deformed by being squeezed in the intestinal lumen. When there are more stools, the amount is reduced, and the shape of the stool becomes thinner and flatter, it may be that colon cancer is signaling you.

Digestive tract irritation such as abdominal pain and bloating

Everyone has experienced abdominal pain. There are also many diseases that can cause abdominal pain. Abdominal pain caused by colon cancer is characterized by abdominal pain, abdominal fullness, some with nausea and vomiting, more than after eating for a period of time, or exacerbation before defecation. Some patients are also accompanied by loss of appetite and changes in stool characteristics.

The blood in the stool

In most cases, blood in the stool is more common in hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids appear in hemorrhage due to rupture of the vulnerable rectal peripheral blood vessels caused by defecation movement. The color of this blood is more vivid, and it can be attached to the surface of the feces, or drip down after the defecation. If accompanied by defecation, the anus is severely painful after the stool. It is also possible to consider anal fissure, but it is not possible to rule out colorectal cancer.

Acne hemorrhage may occur in both hemorrhoids and colon cancer, so it is necessary to have a clear diagnosis before treatment. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital or clinic for examination. Do not diagnose it yourself, so as not to delay treatment. . If there is dark brown, black blood, or discharge is not formed, mixed with mucus, pus and blood stool, you need to pay special attention to rule out intestinal tumors, stomach bleeding and other lesions. Need to be especially reminded that eating red heart dragon fruit, watermelon or adding red stain food can also cause red bloody stools, we must pay attention to distinguish.


Some people still have a feeling of incontinence after defecation, or continue to appear repeatedly It doesn’t really defecate, but it is also an important signal for colon cancer. When the tumor tissue blocks the intestines and causes the intestines to be unable to empty, the feces retained in the intestines will continue to stimulate the intestines, allowing people to continue to produce intentions.

There is no obvious cause of weight loss

The weight loss is really good news for people who are losing weight, but For the average person, there is no obvious cause of weight loss, you need to be alert to the possibility of diabetes, hyperthyroidism and even malignant tumors. The growth of malignant tumors consumes a lot of nutrients in the body, so many patients with malignant tumors will have symptoms of many wasting diseases such as weight loss, fatigue, and anemia.

No matter whether the above symptoms are caused directly or indirectly by colorectal cancer, but these symptoms are repeated or persistent, they are important signals from the body, so be sure to seek medical advice promptly. Perform colonoscopy, etc. related examinations.

Although colon cancer is terrible, the cure rate of early detection is still very high, and early treatment is of great benefit to the recovery and prognosis of the disease. To take a step back, even if it is not colon cancer, but a disease such as colon inflammation or intestinal polyps, effective and active treatment after the discovery means that the disease is further prevented from further progress and the prevention of colon cancer is prevented. .

But it should be emphasized that the specific manifestations of colon cancer are closely related to the location of the cancer, the type of pathology and the length of the disease. The occurrence and development of the disease are relatively hidden. Strong> Not all colon cancers have the above typical clinical manifestations. The safest method of colon cancer prevention is to perform regular bowel examinations under the guidance of a professional doctor, especially for early colon cancer surgery, family history of colon cancer, colitis, recurrent intestinal polyps, and long-term treatment. More need to pay attention to their diet and intestinal health.

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