Do not blindly shoulder the round shoulders, open the chest is the key!

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Whenever a round-shouldered hunchback is mentioned, many people think that the shoulder is not open enough. In fact, the round-shouldered back is not necessarily a problem of the shoulder, but more is caused by excessive kyphosis of the chest. The term is called the upper cross syndrome.

The specific performance of the upper cross syndrome is: head forward, round shoulder, thoracic kyphosis, hunchback. Most of these situations are caused by muscle imbalance caused by the incorrect posture of the day after tomorrow. For example, playing with a mobile phone for a long time, working at a desk, etc., has little to do with the opening or not of the shoulder, or even has nothing to do with it.

Adverse effects of upper cross syndrome:

Rounded shoulders, unsightly external image

Sickness in the neck and shoulders, pain in the sternum

It is easy to cause dizziness due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Psychological symptoms such as palpitation and chest tightness

Influencing digestion and nutrient absorption can cause constipation, etc.

4 simple exercises to adjust the upper crossover syndrome

1. Stretching tight muscles in the chest

Find a corner or door position

Steps into a lunge, Push the wall with both hands and arms

Stretch the chest muscles and keep 5-8 breaths

2. Exercise for flexible thoracic spine

Standing on the surface of the mat, both hands open and hip width

Inhale, raise your head and lead your head to lead the spine.

Extended flow to the tailbone

Exhale With a chest down, start the spine from the tibia

A section of the extended flow to the head

Repeat practice 20-30, pay attention to breathing Coordination with movements

Flexible thoracic spine while practicing breathing

3, YTWL strengthens the neck and back exercises

The feet are separated from the hips and the knees are slightly downwards.

Or stand directly against the wall and stretch your hands diagonally upwards

Into the “Y” shape, keep 3-5 breaths

Peace on both sides, thumbs up

Keep 3- 5 breaths, flexing elbows in a “W” shape

Keep 3-5 breaths and lift the elbows up to an “L” shape

Keep 3-5 breaths,

These 4 exercises can basically exercise to the oblique Middle and lower bundles of muscles

Rhombic muscles, anterior serratus and external rotatory muscle groups

4, anti-group exercises strengthen the neck Strength

Sit on the chair with legs apart and hip width

Set the elastic band on the back of the head

Tie hold both ends of the elastic band and inhale the extension of the spine

Exhale your hands and stretch the elastic band to form an anti-group force

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