Doctor reminds: 3 kinds of vegetables, the more cancer you eat, the more happy you are, the better you will benefit early.

Doctor reminds: 3 kinds of vegetables, the more you eat, the more happy you are, the better you will benefit early.

Sprout Potato: Because the potato sprouts when it sprouts The site produces a number of enzymes, which are biocatalysts that break down the stored material and transform it into a substance that grows for bud growth. During this material conversion process, a toxin called Solanine is produced, which is an alkaloid that has the effect of hemolysis and mucous membrane stimulation.

So if people eat sprouted potatoes, they will have symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea. In severe cases, they will cause paralysis of the heart and respiratory organs, causing death. .

Unsalted cabbage or fried overnight cabbage: Generally speaking, cabbage should be cooked now, do not eat overnight cooked cabbage. Pickled cabbage should be marinated, washed and cooked before eating.

Because fresh Chinese cabbage contains a lot of sterile nitrate, unsalted cabbage or fried overnight cabbage, the nitrate is reduced to nitrite due to bacterial action. After nitrite is eaten into the gastrointestinal tract, it quickly enters the bloodstream, oxidizes methemoglobin in the blood, and becomes methemoglobin, thereby losing the ability to carry oxygen, causing the body to be poisoned by hypoxia, and dizziness and headache. Nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, severe skin mucous membranes, bruising, and even coma, convulsions, serious harm to human health.

Uncooked green beans: If the green beans are not cooked, the saponin in the beans will strongly stimulate the digestive tract, and the beans contain prothrombin, which has a blood coagulation effect. In addition, the green beans also contain nitrite and trypsin, which can stimulate the stomach of the human body, causing food poisoning and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Tips: In order to prevent the poisoning of green beans, be sure to cook and cook the green beans.

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