Does a person have a long life span? Don’t tease, people with these four characteristics live longer, see if you have it?

In the various techniques of acquaintances, there are many related to physical health. For example, you may have heard that “the person has a long life and long life” and “the earlobe is a blessing”. So what is the truth?

The so-called person is the part above the mouth and under the nose. The length of each person’s middle section is similar to the length of the second section of the middle finger. It is said that if people are longer than the second quarter of your middle finger, this is the characteristic of longevity.

The reason is that the person is the intersection of Renmai and Dumai, the former is the main blood, the latter is the main air. If a person has enough blood, then the person is full. Ruddy, and deeper, wider, and longer. Because this person has enough blood, it has a long life.

Because the earlobe is blessed, it is because the ear is big, the kidney is full, the kidney is the innate, and the kidney is full, which means that the congenital body is better and easier. Fushou is long.

But in fact, there is a saying called “Never”, simply relying on the characteristics of a certain place to determine whether a person can live longer, Chinese medicine will not do this, modern medicine will not.. No matter how long the person is and how big the earlobe is, a simple point is not enough to explain your physical condition.

It is just to look at the ear, in addition to the size of the earlobe, but also combined with thick, soft, gas color and other comprehensive factors to judge. Moreover, as the skin tissue relaxes after age, the ears will sag slowly and the earlobe may become larger. This is a manifestation of aging, not a symbol of longevity.

So, If you just judge that this person will live longer because of the length of the person and the large earlobe, it is lack of scientific basis to support it. The human body is a sophisticated structure, and the longevity depends on various factors, not so simple to predict. However, the following indicators can help us judge our physical condition and predict life and certain diseases to a certain extent.

1. People with slow heart rate live longer

If it’s not pathological, then a person’s resting heart rate will be longer and will last longer. . Because the heart rate is too fast, the diastolic phase is shortened, and the myocardial oxygen supply is reduced, myocardial ischemia is prone to occur. It takes a long time to develop diseases such as myocardial infarction. Therefore, it is best to control the heart rate below 75 beats per minute.

2, sounds like Hongzhong is not easy to age

This reason is also better understood, sounds like Hong Zhong, this person is full of blood, The idea of ​​switching to modern medicine is that the lungs are large. If a person is older and can still speak like a Hong Zhong, it means that he maintains a good lung capacity, and his heart and lung functions are relatively similar. Naturally, he is not prone to aging and is prone to longevity.

3, strength is easier to live longer

Strong strength not only indicates that your muscles are firmer, but also reflects higher bone density, and this The two are in good condition and can reflect that the functions of other internal organs are not bad, so it is easier to live longer.

4. Many people are more likely to live longer.

This is because the length of mitochondria growing at the end of the chromosome is related. The longer the telomere, the easier it is to live longer. The presence of sputum shows that your telomere is relatively long. Therefore, people who are more awkward seem to be younger. On average, there are 30 cockroaches in each person. From the perspective of telomeres, those with more than 100 cockroaches have a lifespan of six or seven years less than 25.



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