Drink more soup before and after the cold dew, do not need to see a doctor? Drink these 6 bowls of health soup, nourishing blood and nourishing the stomach

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Hot season, focus on a “cold” word. During this time, the temperature will drop rapidly, and many people will suffer from some cold or respiratory diseases. Well, in some areas, even the temperature difference between day and night can reach more than ten degrees, and at night, the cold autumn winds will be dry.

At this time, on the one hand, we must pay attention to rest and keep warm, to prevent our body from being cleaned by cold air. On the other hand, we can use diet or soup. Regulate the condition of our body and increase the immunity of our body.

Today’s Xiaobian will share with you the 6 bowls of health soup that is especially suitable for drinking in the cold season. I hope everyone can successfully pass this season.

1. Drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew season: melon kelp ribs soup

The moisture content of melon is very abundant, and it tastes smart. It can alleviate the accumulation of food in our body, and the kelp also contains very rich iodine and sodium. Together with a small amount of ribs, the soup has a very high nutritional value and is very delicious.

2, drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew: yellow bone fish tofu soup

because the yellow bone fish contains very rich quality protein and each A variety of minerals, plus the fish is not greasy, the fishbone is also very small, so people often choose to drink this yellow bone fish soup, with a very rich plant protein and tofu, is simply a perfect double Protein-plus-calcium autumn health soup.

3, drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew: mutton chestnut soup

Lamb is a very good food for blood supply in autumn and winter, Chinese medicine believes Mutton has the effect of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the yang, warming the cold and warming the blood.

With chestnuts, both are very rich in nutrition. The first example is rich in carotene, vitamin b and vitamin c, especially vitamin b2 is twice as much as rice.

4, drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew season: seaweed onion soup

The sexy seaweed is the effect of tonifying kidney and nourishing the heart. Because there is a lot of iodine in the seaweed, about 100 times that of food and vegetables, so many, it is very suitable for eating before and after the cold dew.

5, drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew: mushroom soup

The mushroom is not only delicious, but also very rich in nutrition. The protein content of dried mushrooms is as high as 20%. It is much higher than the content of lean meat, and the proportion of amino acids in mushrooms is more balanced and more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

6, drink this bowl of soup after the cold dew’s solar eclipse: radish soup

The radish has a cough and throat. Sugar cane has the function of green leaves. If it is eaten regularly, it can clear the lungs and heat the intestinal tract and protect the scorpion. It is very effective.

Friends who are reading the article, have you ever had the above six bowls of soup, I don’t know which autumn health soup you know, it’s better to share your message in the comment area below. Life experience.

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