Epilepsy has recurred, it may be that the weather is blaming!

The weather in Beijing has not been very friendly in recent days,

It’s not windy or windy.

Is the weather on your side still okay?

Be careful to keep your body

Wind and rain is not only unsettling, but may also cause seizures.

User “-Chestnut” said his concern for Grandpa:

My grandfather has been sick for two years and has been ill for a long time. If you are not cured, take medicine on time and on time. In recent days, it has been a long time of rain, his epilepsy will occur, and it lasts for a long time. I want to know if people with epilepsy are prone to illness on rainy days?

Encephalopathy expert Zhang Xiqing:

How long has your grandfather’s epilepsy been discovered? What kind of medication is it currently taking? According to you, weather changes may be a cause of epilepsy. Especially the long rainy weather.

Healthy people will be very annoyed by the long rainy weather, not to mention epileptic patients. Long-term rainy weather can make people with epilepsy irritated and easily induce brain Neurons are excited, which in turn induces seizures.

In fact, the onset of epilepsy is a trigger in many cases. Changes in temperature and cold weather make it easy to induce epileptic seizures.

1Weather changes affect mood

We all feel this way, and the mood is always affected by the weather. If the weather is good, our mood will be very exciting. If the weather changes and the rain is heavy, it will easily lead to anxiety and depression.

The weather has a certain impact on the condition of patients with epilepsy, sometimes the season is alternating is the high incidence of epilepsy.

So when the weather changes, patients need to adjust their mood and minimize the impact of the weather.

2Weather changes weaken immunity

Weather not only affects our emotions, but also affects our body’s immunity.

When the temperature changes, the body’s immunity will decline. There may be symptoms such as a cold, pneumonia, fever, etc. These diseases are likely to induce epileptic seizures.

Epilepsy patients should pay attention to improve their immunity, pay attention to prevent disease, control infection, and reduce the incidence of disease.

3Weather changes induce epilepsy recurrence

When the seasons alternate, hospital outpatient clinics may receive more epilepsy patient.

The study found that seasonal changes can also affect the condition of epilepsy, so patients with epilepsy should be prevented in their lives. When the seasons alternate, it is best to go to the hospital for a follow-up visit.

Beware of epileptic seizures is especially important when the weather turns cold. If you can pay attention to your daily life and take active defense measures, you can reduce the possibility of epileptic seizures.


Weather changes have a major impact on patients with epilepsy, especially when the seasons alternate, patients with epilepsy must do a good job Check, take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, can not increase or decrease the dose.

As a patient’s family, it is necessary to provide patients with a comfortable living environment, which can reduce external stimuli and avoid recurrence of disease.



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