First saliva in the morning, decide your health! Don’t drink the wrong one.

Be sure to drink water in the morning, because the dirt left in the stomach at night requires us to discharge it. So, drink cool and open? Still drinking warm water? This needs to be discussed!

The difference between 4 kinds of drinking water

Don’t drink water in the morning

Don’t drink in the morning Water, the body’s metabolism lost at night can not be replenished, dry skin throughout the day, long-term prone to stones, increased blood viscosity, prone to thrombosis.

Drinking water in the morning

Replenish cell water, promote water metabolism, dilute blood, prevent constipation, etc., while ensuring sufficient body water in the morning, making The skin is moisturized, and in the long run, it is good for health and reduces the occurrence of diseases.

Drinking warm water

The effect of warm water on the human body is mainly from the temperature of the water. The proper temperature can drive the cold and nourish the stomach. Metabolizes, cleans the mouth, protects the gums, relieves stomach cramps and so on.

Drinking cold water

Cool-white can promote morning bowel movements, stimulate nerves to refresh, and also replenish cell water and dilute blood.

Drinking in the morning and having a bad influence on the body

1, hurting the gastrointestinal tract

Most people drink cold and white, they are easier to defecate, the reason why it can promote defecation because cold stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract will accelerate the intestinal peristalsis, appearing intentions. However, cold water can cause contraction of the gastric mucosa, affecting digestion and absorption, and even cause problems such as stomach problems, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

2, hurt the spleen

In the view of Chinese medicine, the spleen is dry and damp, long-term drinking cold water leads to the combination of cold and damp, yang of the spleen Gas damage, diarrhea, abdominal pain, long-term loss of appetite, weight loss and so on.

3, injury to the lungs

Chinese medicine mentioned that “the cold and cold drink hurts the lungs”, it is said that the body is cold, eat cold Food or cold drinks can damage the lungs and cause lung occlusion. “The spleen is the source of oysters, and the lungs are the device for storing sputum.” In the long run, the spleen and lungs will be injured, and coughing will occur.

The benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

1. The first cup of water in the morning to drink warm water can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease .

2. Warm water is clean and gentle. It will feel refreshed and comfortable when rinsed with warm water. It will make oral bacteria and food residue easier to remove.

3. Drinking warm water in the morning can not only relieve constipation, reduce the incidence of cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction, but also help to effectively absorb the nutrients consumed by breakfast.

Don’t drink these three kinds of water in the morning

1. Honey water

Honey water contains the corresponding sugar, so honey water does not exist in the form of pure water. After drinking, the fructose in the honey is converted into glucose by the human body to be absorbed by the human body, thus losing the first cup of water in the morning, that is, washing away the “garbage” accumulated overnight.

Moreover, honey as the first cup of water can not effectively replenish the water of the body cells, and the sweeter the honey water, the easier the cells will lose water, and we are more likely to thirst.

2. Light salt water

The reason why light salt water is used as the first glass of water in the morning is mainly because it relieves constipation, but modern The intake of human sodium is too much. Drinking light salt water without the lack of salt in the body will increase the intake of salt, but it will make people feel dry.

People with high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and abnormal renal function should not use light salt water as the first cup of water after getting up, because morning is the first increase in blood pressure At the peak, drinking salt water will make your blood pressure higher.

3. Juice

A lot of women like to drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice in the morning, which is not desirable. First, because the juice is sweet, drinking on an empty stomach can affect the appetite and can’t eat breakfast. Second, the human body likes a warm environment, especially in the morning. If you eat cold things, it will stimulate the stomach and affect digestion and absorption.

So, let’s not be so troublesome, just drink a cup of warm water directly!

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