Going to the season of using lotus roots to keep alive, take a look at the correct posture of provocation.

A lot of people have already gone to the market to buy lotus roots recently

After all, the season of using lotus roots to maintain health care

Mi Tang is also a member of the “泱泱大军”

The correct posture of provocative, fat friends mastered?

I want to Pick a good one, first understand 藕

藕 is also divided into early, middle and late ripe varieties

premature and The cooked lotus root has a crispy taste

The taste of late-maturing varieties is relatively soft and soft.

General soup with whitefly is more suitable, then what? What kind of 藕 is softer

There is a lot of identification methods for picking up the powder.

One ​​is to see the distance between the 藕 and the ,, one The longer the spacing of the lotus roots is

the higher the maturity of the lotus root, the softer the natural taste.

The second look at the color, phase More

The color of the facial mask is darker, but the crisper color is lighter.

The third is to look at the skin of the lotus root, the comparison of the skin Rough is the face 藕

The relatively smooth is the crispy 藕

If these methods are still unbelievable, then it depends on the taste.

When you buy a lotus root, you can take a small piece and taste it.

The taste is more ambiguous, and the type is 糯p

If you eat raw sweet, it is generally less starch and more sugar.

This type is brittle 藕

The other seven holes have a relatively high starch content, which is more suitable for soup

Different from pink and crisp, we also use It’s good or bad to distinguish it.

First, the shape of the lotus root should be full.

The bumpy, ugly or not Bought

The short and long lotus roots have a high maturity and a good taste is also a matter of course

If you want to save the lotus root for a little longer, then Go buy a wet mud.

This kind of lotus root is not only long-lasting, but also fresh.

Of course the most important Still don’t buy overly pure lotus roots

Only those yellow and white, natural lotus roots are healthy

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