Golden mushroom, the best choice for obese people!

Do you love golden mushrooms? The mature golden mushroom head is wearing a golden hat, and looks like a cluster of golden flowers at a distance. It is no wonder that it has always been known as the “flower of fungi”.

Golden mushrooms are rich in nutrients, full of flesh and tenderness, whether it is soup or stir-fry, it is a delicious dish, and because of its low calorie, high nutrition, it is also a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patient and obese people. The ideal food for food.

I recommend a jadeite mushroom today. The green Yingying cucumber is matched with the white jade-like golden mushroom, which complements each other like a landscape painting. The smooth taste of the golden mushroom is matched with the crisp cucumber, which is really awesome! Such a delicious, don’t hurry to taste it?


The cucumber is cool and sweet; it is returned to the lungs, stomach, and large intestine.

Efficacy: Heat, detoxification, water, and bowel movements.

Golden Mushroom

Golden Mushroom is also known as Golden Mushroom, Yellow Mushroom, and Golden Mushroom is a valuable Edible fungi have always been known as the “flower of fungi”.

Bisotto pepper

Slightly warm, sweet and slightly pungent; return to the liver, heart, spleen.

Efficacy: Spleen and digestion, nourishing liver and eyesight.

Emerald golden mushroom has the functions of strengthening the spleen and digestion, and curing the liver and gallbladder.

Food and Beverage is working with you to make “Emerald Golden Mushroom”

Ingredients preparation: bell pepper, cucumber, golden mushroom, etc.

Go the golden mushroom to the root and simply shred it

Cut the bell peppers alternately

Put the cucumber and roll it up Put the pepper Silk Insert Decoration

Golden mushroom simmered in a few moments

After cooling, add a proper amount of seasoning and evenly stir the plate

You’re done, simple and delicious



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