Health every day, what are the principles to be followed by pregnant women?

There are two kinds of tangled choices related to medication in life. Some people find that they are pregnant after taking the medicine first, and even want to have a miscarriage because they only ate a few cold medicines. There are people who are sick and pregnant after pregnancy, do not dare to take medicine, for fear of affecting the baby.

From another point of view, after pregnancy, pregnant women’s cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and other systems will have a variety of physiological changes, which also bring about drug absorption, distribution, metabolism Differences in the state of excretion and the usual state, such as less gastric acid secretion, resulting in decreased drug utilization, or vomiting affects the drug’s efficacy. At the same time, some drugs can affect the fetus through the placenta. So, what are the principles that pregnant women need to follow? Let the quiz give you reference information.

The following questions about pregnant women use drugs. Which one do you think is correct?

Alternative Answers

A All medications are available as long as the dosage is right

B has very few drugs that affect the fetus

C Most antibiotics have been shown to have some teratogenic effects on the fetus

D prohibits the use of experimental medication during pregnancy

Correct answer D prohibits the use of experimental medication during pregnancy

Answer explanation

Pregnant women medication safety needs to comply with the recommended medication classification management, the classification is judged according to the risk of the drug to the fetus, A grade is The safest, belongs to the control experiment conducted in humans, and proved that there is no adverse effect on the fetus, but these drugs are rare, only vitamins, folic acid and other types; Tests and human trials have not proved harmful to the fetus, or animal studies found no adverse reactions, but no experimental study of human control. Most antibiotics fall into this category; Class C is not yet well studied in animals or humans, or animals have been found to have adverse reactions, but there is no information indicating problems with humans. Including some antibiotics, antiviral drugs, hypoglycemic agents; D grade has been proved to be dangerous to the fetus, but the use of it is beneficial to pregnant women, some antibiotics and antihypertensive drugs belong to this category; X grade has been proved to be a serious risk to the fetus, Prohibited, lipid-lowering drugs, hormone drugs belong to this category.

In terms of the principle of medication, there are mainly such points. 1 It is necessary to have clear indications for medication, not to be abused, nor to be ill without drugs; 2 to use drugs as little as possible. Especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, drugs that can be used should be considered for temporary suspension; 3 is to insist on rational use of drugs, and to stop the drug after the disease is controlled; 4 is to avoid joint use; 5 is to use the exact safety The conclusion of the drug, less or no choice of new drugs; 6 is a certain degree of teratogenic inhibition must be strictly prohibited, while banned experimental drugs. From these points we can see that the first three options in the listed options are incorrect.


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