How can I maintain my body to survive this “falling event”?



The way of cold dew health

The cold dew has arrived, and it has entered the late autumn. The weather is getting colder than the white dew, and the autumn is very strong. The most common feeling during the cold season is the large temperature difference between day and night and the dry air. The climate like cold dew makes people’s emotional state and physical quality extremely vulnerable. How can I maintain my body to survive this “falling event”?


The lotus root contains mucus protein and dietary fiber, which can be combined with cholinate in the human body. The combination of cholesterol and triglyceride in the food causes it to be excreted from the feces, thereby reducing the absorption of lipids. Lotus roots exude a unique fragrance, also contains enamel, have a certain spleen and diarrhea effect, eat more in the cold season can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetite and health, good for poor appetite, loss of appetite to restore health.

Anshen Lotus Seed

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, lotus seeds are cold, bitter, non-toxic, and contain lotus roots. Alkali, iso-alkaline and other alkaloids have extremely bitter taste. They have the effects of clearing heat, solidifying, calming the nerves, strengthening the heart and reducing blood pressure. They have the function of clearing away heat and purging fire, and have a significant cardiotonic effect. They can expand peripheral blood vessels. ,Lower blood pressure. Eat more in the cold season, can treat mouth sores and help sleep. Used as a tonic, spleen and diarrhea, kidney and phlegm, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves.

Ping and Yam

The yam tastes calm, functions to moisten the lungs, strengthen the spleen, benefit the kidney, and the cold season Edible, it can not only replenish yang to strengthen the function of viscera, but also to replenish yin to replenish the material basis. What is more gratifying is that it can be used for righteousness without sorrow and evil. It can also be used when the disease is present. Therefore, on the basis of the decision to correct the righteousness and the evil spirits, the doctors of the past generation often used it to form a square, which has a wide range of applications. The combination of yam and silver flower, yam and burdock share, etc., all play the role of yam in the righteousness of the qi, not sorrow, evil, and harm.



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