How to acne, as long as youth does not acne

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Rescue sensitive skin, repair red blood hormone hormone face acne muscle

how acne ah, as long as the youth do not smallpox

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I believe that every friend who has acne is very eager to succeed as soon as possible. After all, acne will affect some moods for a day. So how do you get rid of it quickly? Let’s take a look at it together.

Do not use drugs

There are many products in the market that claim to be acne This makes many women who are quick about acne consult very happy. However, many people also find that although some are effective, some may not be effective.

Someone else has a good effect, but it has no effect. Why is this? Originally, everyone’s skin has the characteristics of everyone, and some skin is oily. Some are dry, and there are different methods of acne for partial oil. Therefore, when consulting how to quickly acne, you must pay attention to whether it is suitable for you.



Replenishing water is two kinds, one is in the body Replenishing water allows you to feel a moisturizing feeling from the inside out.

The other is in vitro hydration, these two two-pronged approach can really acne quickly. In fact, in investigating how to quickly acne, Xiao Bian found that many people lack knowledge about hydration.

Many people think that I am acne, I want to know how to acne quickly, and what is the relationship with hydration.

This idea is not true. Because in fact, if the skin is always moist, it can have a certain resistance to acne and acne pits.


Hydrating skin care products

General causes of acne muscle formation It is the skin water and oil disorder, too much oil causes the pores to clog, which leads to the occurrence of acne.

It is easy to cause excessive facial oil when the skin is dry. Therefore, hydrating the skin is also the focus of oil control. The skin water and oil balance, and can also reduce the growth of acne.

Choose a skin care product or mask that is hydrating and moisturizing. For example, the leading bamboo mask is very good


clean skin

make sure To keep the skin clean, if there are too many dirt and grease on the skin, it will easily cause pores to clog and cause acne, so acne will be more difficult, so be sure to keep your skin clean as always, wash your face regularly, or you can carry it with you. With oil-absorbing facial tissue, use more on your face.


eat foods that are good for acne

The food actually contains a lot of adjustments Human factors such as lycopene in tomatoes, vitamins in vegetables, and carotene in carrots all have good effects on acne.

Eat more of these vegetables and reduce the amount of spicy, fried and sugary foods. In addition to vegetables, fruits are also the same, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and grapes are good choices.



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