How to make a bowl of good porridge? Teach you a few tips, drink more porridge in the autumn, moisturize the lungs and nourish the stomach

Dry autumn, from the health point of view, you should drink some porridge. Especially for breakfast, come to a bowl of hot porridge, with some eggs, taro, and side dishes, not only to nourish the stomach, but also to nourish the lungs, which is very beneficial to the body. Yuan Mei said: “See the water, not the rice, not the porridge. See the rice, not the water, not the porridge. It will make the rice water blend, soft and savory, and then the porridge.” Visible, a real bowl of good porridge, also requires some skills. of.

First of all, to choose fresh rice, soak for a period of time, you can let the rice swell, shorten the time of porridge, and more easily thick. If there is no time in the morning, you can also wash the rice, freeze it for one night, and simmer the porridge the next day. As long as 15 minutes, you can sip a pot of porridge, saving time and effort!

Second, about water. The ratio of rice to water is about 1:10 or 1:12. It is too rare to be porridge, too strong and not good. Whether it is millet porridge or rice porridge, it is best to boil the water and then lower the rice, so that it will not paste the bottom and stir less.

The third, porridge tool. Nowadays, small household appliances have developed functions and can be used for many porridges, such as rice cookers, health pots, electric cookers, casseroles, broken machines, and so on. In terms of taste, casserole porridge is the most fragrant, that is, people must look after. If you are in trouble, you can use electric rice cookers, health pastes, electric cookers, etc. that are automatically heated, as long as the ratio is right, the taste is not bad.

Fourth, stir. As the saying goes, “熬 porridge thirty-six stirs,” so be sure to remember to stir, in order to be thick, but also to avoid the bottom. Open the water pot and stir it a few times, cover the lid, turn it on again and turn to a small fire. Stir the mixture for the last 10 minutes until the porridge is thick. This process is about 30 minutes, so you can’t be lazy!

The fifth, porridge can also add a variety of favorite ingredients, flavor multiplication, more nutritious. For example, seafood, it should be noted that seafood is not in the pot with rice, after the porridge is cooked almost, then add, so the taste is delicious, original!

Sixth, you can also join the bones to porridge, no bones, you can also use bone soup, the taste is absolutely first-class, drink a few bowls are no problem. This is the opposite of the order of seafood porridge, which is to stew the bones first and then to release the rice.



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