How to pick acne products? See these reliable plant ingredients

Children’s shoes that have used acne products know that some products with obvious acne effect may help you eliminate acne in a short time, but the side effects are very large, and some may even cause secondary damage. Your skin and skin will also be lazy.

So when choosing an acne product, you must consider these aspects: whether it is irritating to the skin, what side effects will occur after stopping use, etc. Note that many effective chemical components in acne products come from plants, so when choosing acne products, you can judge its functional value from the ingredient list.

Tiepi sarcophagus

There are many records about the court ladies using Dendrobium to maintain skin, famous There are Wu Zetian and Empress Dowager Cixi. At present, many top skin care brands have also begun to develop Dendrobium. Dendrobium candidum is a “virgin” in the skin of botanicals. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, prolongs the life of skin cells, nourishes the skin, and makes the skin young and elastic.

Guava Fruit

Guava Fruit is rich in antioxidants that help fight antioxidants, anti-aging, Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, effectively inhibit melanin growth, and promote collagen synthesis. This botanical ingredient is used in many acne or blemish whitening products.


Patchouli also plays an important role in acne products. The plant active substance of patchouli can promote skin cell renewal, and it can be used for wound healing and skin damage repair. Many facial massage oils extract this plant material, which can repair the skin very well.


These botanical ingredients are used in many big-name skin care products, and calendula is super strong. The healing ability, bactericidal astringent wound, treatment of inflammation, acne, large pores. Calms skin and improves sensitive skin It has the effect of repairing scars.

For example, Ke Yan’s Calendula Toner, which was used before Xiaobian, is especially suitable for oily acne skin. It can be quickly removed in the acne area. There is also a slang acne solution, the essence of the original liquid is also very concentrated, moisturizing effect is also good, painted at night, wake up to eliminate.

Aloe Vera

For children who don’t have serious acne, don’t need to buy special acne muscles The use of skin care products, mild acne mainly solves the problem of acne marks, acne can choose aloe vera gel, not only can hydrate the skin, but also dilute acne marks and whitening the skin.

A few acne products also have aloe vera gel ingredients, which can moisturize and moisturize, enhance the adsorption and water repellency of the stratum corneum, and improve the dryness of the skin.

The acne product is nothing more than three main functions, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, dilute acne marks, inhibit acne growth, so pay attention to see the phytochemicals when choosing acne products, see No such effect!



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