If the woman has no uterus, the body will make 6 “responses”, which makes people very uncomfortable.

The uterus is an important reproductive and endocrine organ in women and plays a major role in the female body. If a woman removes the uterus, it should be a very terrible thing. After the hysterectomy, what effect does it have on the human body?

What effect does the hysterectomy have on the body?

1. Menstruation disappears. We all know that menstruation is related to the uterus, and the moon is periodically shed by the endometrium. After the hysterectomy, the menstruation will disappear.

2. Reduced vaginal secretions. Female genital tract secretions consist of multiple secretions in the uterus. Therefore, after hysterectomy, uterine secretions are gone, and vaginal secretions are naturally reduced.

3. Menopause symptoms are advanced. When a woman removes the uterus, it will speed up the ovarian failure, making the symptoms of women’s menopause appear in advance.

4.x life is affected. The pedicle nerve is connected to the uterus. If the uterus is removed, the stimulation of the pedicle is greatly reduced, which makes the life of x not harmonious enough. In addition, the shortening of the vagina caused by hysterectomy can also cause sexual pain.

5. The lower abdomen is heavy or painful. If the uterus is removed, there will be a feeling of leaking underneath, and the surrounding organ will be filled to fill the gap.

6. Risk of cardiovascular disease. After hysterectomy, female estrogen secretion is reduced, ovarian failure, patients are prone to obesity, high blood pressure and other symptoms, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What should I pay attention to after hysterectomy?

1, supplement nutrition

You should eat less fats, frying and roasting foods, and eat more iron-rich foods. Such as pork liver, chicken and duck fish, black sesame, seaweed, mushrooms and so on. Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes. It is suggested that a specific and reasonable diet plan can be formulated according to individual circumstances, with a small amount of meals. In addition, cigarettes and alcohol are harmful to people’s health, and they should quit smoking and alcohol.

2, pay attention to rest

After the woman removes the uterus, she should pay attention to rest. Just after the hysterectomy, you should stay in the hospital for a few days. You can’t just run around, wait for a while to leave the hospital, and have a good rest at home to keep your body. It is not appropriate to overwork. If you are in good physical condition, you can take a walk outside.

3, drink plenty of water

You should drink plenty of water after a hysterectomy. Drinking plenty of water can replenish the body in time, which helps to avoid dry stools and prevent constipation. Normal defecation can smoothly discharge body waste, which is conducive to the early recovery of health.

4, maintain a good attitude

After the woman removes the uterus, she should maintain a good attitude, keep a happy, cheerful, optimistic mood, do not appear Inferiority, sadness and other negative psychology. Only by maintaining a good mentality will you recover your body faster and live younger.

5. Check your body regularly

Check your body regularly to know your health. Therefore, female friends who have to remove the uterus should pay attention to their physical condition, take good care of the body, and avoid being too negative and affecting the body.



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