If your body has these problems, it means you really want to eat more protein!

Why do fitness people need more protein?

In a nutshell,

If you don’t add enough protein,

The damaged muscle fiber has no nutrients to repair,

The muscles are not as good as you wish!

So you need to add enough protein to your long muscles! ! !

But the role of protein is definitely more than just muscle growth

but when you are under-suppleed

Your body will have many unexpected problems!


Super want to eat sweets

Always eat too much

One ​​of the important functions of protein is to maintain blood sugar stability.

In other words, when you take too little protein, your blood sugar is prone to ups and downs, driving you to the desire to quickly raise blood sugar, and the bloody storm is causing you The reason for hunger in the morning.


I’m confused all day

The protein in the diet helps the carbohydrates to be released into the body stably as a stable source of energy. When the protein intake is insufficient and the blood sugar is always ups and downs, you will easily feel confused, confused and unable to concentrate. at work.



Protein is the raw material for all body cells, including your hair follicles.

But if you don’t have enough long-term intake to stabilize the scalp’s nutrients, you’ll start to notice that the hair is thinner and can’t help you fix your head firmly on the scalp.


Frequently listless

Continuous fatigue and fatigue may also be caused by insufficient protein intake. We all know that protein is important for muscle growth, so when you are under-up, you lack the necessary fuel, and it is easy to make the muscle volume Time is lost. The result is that you tend to feel weak and perform poorly in the past when you are engaged in sports that you used to be good at.


Nail nails

You are often stabbed by nails (white thorns on the edges of your nails). Our skin is a huge immune organ that protects us from the virulence factors in the environment.

If your skin is not strong enough for lack of protein, then you will notice that the skin is prone to cracking and may expose you to environmental virulence factors. infection.

What is the daily protein intake standard?

The total amount of protein you need to consume per day can be calculated based on the protein intake formula required by the human body!

Your weight (kg) x Protein consumption coefficient (exercise) = Daily protein intake (g)

*Low activity: weight multiplied by 0.8 (sitting for a long time)

*activity: weight multiplied by 1.3 (basic exercise, labor nature Work, pregnant)

*High activity: weight multiplied by 1.8 (high-intensity physical activity)


See if your body has these problems

Is it enough to eat enough protein?



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