In the fall, the urticaria episode is high, and the constitution is no longer effective.

Hives is a very rare skin disease in life, also known as rubella, secondary to a limited edema response due to vasodilation of the skin and mucous membranes, which is generally soothing with the outside world. And physical allergies have a lot to do with it. Also do not pay attention to skin hygiene, perhaps the physical pressure, often staying up late and overworked to cause low immunity, it is easy to cause urticaria. Urticaria is not contagious in the spring, so patients who have this disease should not have too much physical pressure and should be actively treated.

The 28-year-old Mr. Wang is a department manager of a foreign company. Every summer is a headache. The urticaria attacks every year to make Xiao Wang work and live under tremendous pressure and work very well. Xiao Wang’s encounter with urticaria caused him to stop working for several months. Xiao Wang had to use a relatively simple method of relieving this itching symptom, using ice, so that the local blood vessels can be contracted, and at the same time it has a good antipruritic effect, but it starts again in a few hours. Looking for measles can cause Xiao Wang to have a headache.

I believe many people have the same experience as Mr. Wang. Why are you looking for measles?

I believe everyone knows about skin diseases. For the urticaria, this disease is also of concern to everyone. Many patients develop diseases for various reasons, and it is difficult to treat them repeatedly. The disease not only affects the daily life of the patient, but also damages the physical and mental health. For the treatment of urticaria, everyone should pay attention to it, then why do you have an allergic constitution?

Through Baidu Encyclopedia: Allergic constitution refers to people with poor immunity. People with allergies are often from their parents. On the other hand, they are related to diet, excessive stress, poor resistance, and inadequate immune function. People with allergies mainly develop symptoms such as allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchiol asthma and allergic dermatitis. Generally, it is a person who is prone to allergic reactions and allergic diseases and cannot find the cause of the disease, and is called “allergic constitution”. People with “allergic constitution” can develop a variety of allergic reactions and allergic diseases, such as eczema, urticaria, some allergic asthma, and some are particularly sensitive to certain drugs, can occur drugs Sexual dermatitis, even exfoliative dermatitis.

The treatment of urticaria is more complicated, and Chinese medicine is a good treatment for the treatment of skin diseases, because each person’s physique and other factors are different, so different Patients should adopt different treatment methods, and the treatment methods of Chinese medicine are targeted. The treatment methods for each patient are different. According to the patient’s own situation, the treatment plan can be formulated so that urticaria can be cured more quickly. In addition, during the treatment, we should also pay attention to some daily precautions, develop good habits, and cooperate with foreign reclamation Ansu treatment, so that the effect will be doubled and can be completely cured.

Treatment of urticaria patients:

1, first of all, patients should find the cause of the disease. Many patients have special physical conditions, eating irritating food such as seafood, and bad habits, etc., which can cause repeated diseases. Therefore, patients must find the cause of the disease, starting from the cause and proactive treatment.

2, in the process of treatment, to maintain a good attitude. Some patients, because of their limited psychological capacity, always think that their disease is incurable, they will give up treatment and eventually lead to serious consequences. Therefore, patients must maintain a good mentality and actively use Rehabilitation Ansu to treat diseases.

The above is the treatment of urticaria, I believe everyone can understand. Urticaria is an allergic disease, and the appearance of the disease has a certain impact on the daily life of patients. Patients should pay attention to the treatment of the disease.



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