In the process of fitness, it is more effective to increase muscle fat and reduce the amount of protein.

A lot of trainers who have been training for a period of time will reflect that their fitness effect is poor. I don’t know how to eat and practice to improve the training effect. As the saying goes, fitness is divided into seven points to eat. After the correct fitness program is in place, it is essential that the protein is in the diet. Whether it is training for the purpose of gaining muscle or reducing fat, it is necessary to add enough protein. In the fitness process, if you want to increase your muscles and reduce fat, it is more effective to see if the protein is adequately replenished.

So, how much should protein be eaten for trainers of different purposes? Protein intake affects our health, and how much protein is appropriate depends on our level of activity, muscle mass and age. As a major component of the human body, protein is an essential nutrient for muscle growth. Some proteins can be produced by the body, while others must be obtained through diet. This is also a nutrient necessary for daily activities.

For athletes who want to lose weight, the intake of sufficient protein is due to the thermal cycling effect of the protein. Digesting the protein requires the calories of our body, which will avoid Our fat is hoarded; for trainers who want to gain muscle, sufficient protein is the nutrients necessary for muscle recovery and growth. Protein is important for maintaining muscle and muscle growth. After increasing muscle mass, body The calorie consumption will also increase, avoiding the accumulation of fat.

So, since protein is an essential nutrient in our training or daily diet, how can we get enough protein? First of all, animal protein is more in line with human tissue, so meat, fish or eggs and dairy products are rich in amino acids needed by the body. In some plants, they are also rich in protein content, such as buckwheat, beans and nut.

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Visit, whether you are gaining muscle or reducing fat, you need to get enough Protein, even if you don’t exercise, if you want to stay healthy, you can’t eat protein. In general, the daily protein intake of normal people is 0.8g per kilogram of body weight, for muscle-enhancing trainers should be 1.2-1.5g protein per kilogram of body weight, and fat-reducing trainers should consume more protein. In addition to the daily diet we need to eat more fish, shrimp, eggs, lean meat and dairy products, we can also take more protein through some daily supplements, so that our training will take it to the next level.



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