Insufficient blood and old age, learn this kind of therapeutic side, never go to the beauty salon again!

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Qi and blood are the foundation of human beings and the inner foundation of beautiful health. As time goes by, the years will always leave traces on people’s faces. If you compare human life to a tree, blood is the root of the tree. No matter where the tree grows, it needs the same air, sunshine and water, and the blood is the sunshine and rain of the tree of life.

Especially for women, if the body is not full of blood, it is likely to be mentally unhappy, the face is old, and it will lead to a series of diseases.

The performance of women with insufficient blood:

1, hair performance

hair black Thick, supple, and bright means that the blood is sufficient; dry hair, hair loss, white hair, etc. are all manifestations of women’s lack of blood.

2, eye performance

As the saying goes, “People are old and yellow,” if the white color of the eye becomes cloudy, yellow, bloodshot, and dry eyes. This shows that the woman is not enough blood.

3, performance of sleep

sleeping fast, sleep sinking, breathing evenly, sleep until natural wake up, indicating adequate blood; Women who are difficult to fall asleep, easy to wake up, breathe deeply, or snoring are all manifestations of lack of blood.

4, skin performance

The skin is white with pink, shiny, elastic, wrinkle-free, and spots-free. On the contrary, the skin is rough, dull, dark, yellow, and long spots all represent a woman’s poor health and lack of blood.

5, nail performance

The half moon shape on the nail is normal, the half moon shape should be except for the little finger. If there is no half moon on the finger or only a half moon on the thumb, it means the woman is cold.

As the saying goes, the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, so in the usual time, the diet should pay more attention, it is also very good for the effect of supplementing the blood. Women are not enough blood, eat 4 more to make up the blood, younger and younger!

“Chinese Medicine Therapy” qi and blood side – cloud black rice paste

formula : black rice, alfalfa, yam, medlar, raspberry, black bean, pea

Efficacy: Yiqi Hexue, Jianpi Yangwei, Ziyin Bushen

Wash 7 kinds of ingredients such as black rice, alfalfa, yam, medlar, raspberry, black bean and pea, bake or fry, then put it into a broken machine and grind it into powder to make a cloud black rice paste.

Black rice: Black rice is an ideal tonic food. Black rice is called “black rice” because of its dark skin. Because of its efficacy, it is also called “blood rice.” Black rice is flat and sweet, can nourish yin and kidney, replenish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and promote blood circulation, and can raise liver and eyesight.

Chinese yam: yam has its own sweetness, qi and yin, and qi does not stagnate on the fire, but it does not help the wet and greasy, and it is the most peaceful for the cultivation. The products have always been widely praised by the doctors. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud: Yishenqi, Jianpiwei, Stop sputum, phlegm, and fur.

茯苓: Sexually sweet and sweet, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, dilute the water and dampness, calm the nerves, and is good for the lack of blood caused by poor spleen and stomach.

Simplified: 芡 is the perfect choice for spleen and kidney. It is a powerful hand to hold you, not to let the blood flow away.

Make a good cloud of black rice paste. When you eat it, take a proper amount and put it into a bowl. Pour it into boiling water and stir it into a paste. You can eat it 1 to 2 bowls a day. If you feel that you are having trouble making it, you can buy the finished product directly.



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