Is there really a cure for psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common skin disease. With the increasing incidence of psoriasis, advertisements for the treatment of psoriasis are also flying. Currently, more and more drugs can be used for the treatment of psoriasis, but regardless of Whether it is internal medicine or external medicine, it should be used under the guidance of a professional doctor. Patients should not take the disease as a doctor. Do not easily try the so-called “special effects medicine” for treating psoriasis. Only scientifically prescribed symptomatic medication can Really cure psoriasis. So, is there really a psoriasis special drug?

[The whole line reveals that there is no specific medicine for psoriasis]

Doctor pointed out: Currently there is no psoriasis Special medicine, if any hospital says that its medicine is a special medicine, then there must be a lot of exaggeration. In order to completely cure psoriasis, it is necessary to go to the regular psoriasis hospital for treatment and restore the metabolic cycle of T lymphocytes and dendritic cells in order to achieve anti-relapse.

Psoriasis is different from other common skin diseases, and his pathogenesis is more complicated. There are countless recipes and cures in the society. However, these medicines have no scientific basis at all, and even some fake medicines, which not only do not cure, but also endanger the health of patients with psoriasis, leading to more serious illness and repeated recurrence. Even the phenomenon of psoriasis type changes.

So we should use caution for the special effects of psoriasis, so as not to delay treatment, resulting in irreversible consequences.

[Deep Profiling – Misunderstanding of Psoriasis Treatment]

One: eager for success

The second mistake in the treatment of psoriasis is also eager to seek success, we know that the treatment of psoriasis is generally for the treatment of psoriasis symptoms, many people are eager to seek.

Doctors point out that psoriasis, a chronic disease, has a process of regression of skin lesions after treatment, and does not pursue quick-acting effects. If the effect is too fast, it may not be a good thing. There may be hidden side effects or aggravation in the future.

Some patients are not seriously ill. After systemic application (oral or injection) of glucocorticoids, the skin lesions quickly subsided, but then the condition became more and more serious, and the treatment effect became more and more The worse, the last result is erythrodermic, pustular psoriasis.

Second: don’t consider security

There is also a misunderstanding of re-treatment of psoriasis, and it is not considering its safety. We know that In this case, psoriasis is a benign skin disease that has little effect on life. Safety is the most important when choosing a treatment. Of course, the absolute safety method does not exist.

[Physician pointing – correct face is the basis of treatment]

The treatment of the disease should be gradual:

Psoriasis patients must follow the doctor’s instructions in the treatment of initial psoriasis, step by step, not eager to achieve. Psoriasis patients during the illness, especially in the early stage of psoriasis, because of the eagerness to recover, often blindly try various treatments, especially some quick-acting hormones, but they ignore the serious side effects of these drugs.

Remind patients in the early stage of psoriasis should not blindly pursue the short-term efficacy of psoriasis treatment. It is necessary to choose a treatment method and essential materials that are suitable for their own side effects and to eliminate them. Psoriasis lesions reduce the recurrence rate of psoriasis.

The cause of psoriasis is the abnormal metabolism of two important cells (T lymphocytes and dendritic cells) in the human body, leading to autoimmune mediated diseases due to T cells and trees. The sudden increase in metabolism leads to a shortened metabolic cycle of the skin, and the skin of the psoriasis patient is proliferated quickly and the scaling is severe. So the key to treatment lies in the two cells in the body.

There should be a correct understanding of the disease of psoriasis:

There are some symptoms of the disease when psoriasis patients are treated with psoriasis at an early stage. The performance is understood, it is necessary to understand that psoriasis is not contagious, and there is no visceral damage, and the better. Patients should clearly understand these, reduce stress and achieve better therapeutic results.

To avoid traumatic infections as much as possible:

Because initial psoriasis treatment is a critical time to achieve good results, patients are In life, we must try to avoid trauma and scratching caused by itching. It is necessary to protect your skin so as not to cause a “homomorphic reaction” due to the itchiness of the affected area, which aggravates the condition.

Some exercise should be carried out reasonably:

The purpose is to sweat more, because it promotes sweating, psoriasis toxin can be accompanied by sweat Excreted from the body. This is the reason why the disease will recover on its own or the condition will be relieved in the summer. In the winter, when the pores contract with cold, the human body no longer sweats, and the toxins are not discharged. Only rely on the essentials or strengthen physical exercise to promote perspiration.


Through the above introduction, I hope that the majority of patients will maintain an objective attitude towards psoriasis special effects. Do not go to hospital for medical treatment. This will often be counterproductive. Serious illness will aggravate the condition and may lead to further deterioration.



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