Is your waist good? Is it better to test whether it is premature?

We can’t stop the years leaving marks on us. Of course, this is natural phenomenon.

Do you know that after the age of 20, bone hyperplasia begins? At the age of 40 or 50, calcium begins to lose and bone density decreases, which leads us to The bones often have various conditions.

For example,

A lot of people start low back pain in middle age, even before they reach middle age, Suffer from diseases such as lumbar disc herniation.

Why is it so young? Is your lumbar spine premature aging?

First check if your waist is still young?

– Very little exercise on weekdays, occasionally after a workout, back pain for more than 3 days.

Sitting for more than 3 hours per day, but rarely standing up, if you suddenly get up, you will feel the waist stiff.

——Stand straight, the tip of the finger cannot reach the tip of the toe, even the ankle is not enough.

——When I woke up in the morning, I felt that the waist was heavy and stiff, and I needed to feel relieved at once.

——When moving heavy objects, the waist is not working hard.

——Bending over more than 10 minutes I feel lumbar pain.

If you have these symptoms, your lumbar spine has entered the aging phase,

but why the lumbar vertebrae Premature aging?

There are probably several reasons

***Self-sitting* **

I believe you have seen a lot of articles saying “Sitting for a long time.”

But indeed, sedentary is really “injury.”

Self-sitting does not only make the bones and joints rigid, but also easily cause lower blood flow in the lower extremities and varicose veins.

When we are sitting for a long time, we can’t help but hunchback and bend the lumbar vertebrae to compress the nerves and blood vessels. In the long run, the lumbar spine will be distorted.

***Inappropriate sleeping position***

Sleeping is something we must do every day, but This seemingly ordinary thing, there are many things you still don’t understand.

When we sleep every day, because the spine has a curvature, the waist is actually suspended.

After all, if the mattress too hard or too soft can not fit the lumbar spine, it can not support the waist, it is like this, the accumulation of lumbar vertebrae will cause many problems It is.

***Lumbar muscle strain***

A lot of bending exercises are very painful, Especially when bending over and lifting heavy objects, lumbar and lumbar muscles feel the pressure is N+1 times when standing upright.

Especially those who are older the lumbar spine is not good, don’t just bend over and mention things, maybe you don’t care, “flash Waist”.

***Calcium deficiency***

Most people today are lack of exercise, Unbalanced nutrient intake and calcium deficiency have become a very common phenomenon.

This is not only a damage to the lumbar spine, but also has an adverse effect on the bones of the body.

How do you protect our lumbar spine?

If you don’t protect it in time, your waist age may be much older than your age

First of all, of course, to increase the appropriate amount of exercise, especially for the waist, such as sitting body flexion, yoga…

Secondly, avoid all kinds of inappropriate actions, such as sitting and sleeping, don’t be too “soft”, and choose soft and moderate seats and mattresses. When lifting heavy objects, also pay attention to protect the waist, do not bend over for a long time.

In the end, you should pay attention to calcium, more sun exposure, eat more calcium-rich Food. If osteoporosis has already occurred, it is necessary to add calcium tablets in moderation.

The last reminder is that obesity is also very harmful to the lumbar spine. If you want to protect your lumbar spine, then lose weight~

Give you another reason to lose weight!

Not yet moving!



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