It must be careful to appear this kind of stool, it is easy to be misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids, but actually it is the advent of colorectal cancer!

Mr. Duan, 47, was suffering a lot lately because his hemorrhoids were attacking again. He said to the doctor with a frowning face that the amount of blood was much more, and he was dizzy after pulling the stool. I feel that the whole person can’t stand up. By inquiring about the medical history in detail, the doctor learned that Mr. Duan has a history of hemorrhoids. Although he usually has bleeding, he has blood on his hand paper. As in the present, the blood in the stool is still the first time, so the paragraph The first reaction of Mr., it should be that hemorrhoids are aggravated.

But is it really so simple?

Checked by an anorectal doctor, Mr. Duan has no hemorrhoids, but this time hemorrhage is not due to hemorrhoids, but to completely understand the cause of bleeding, you need to further improve the intestines. Mirror inspection.

After that, Mr. Duan accepted the doctor’s advice. Through colonoscopy, the doctor found a place where Mr. Duan’s rectum and sigmoid junction meet. There is a cauliflower-like mass, and the diagnosis of colorectal cancer is considered. The disease is indicated as moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma.

I thought it was a hemorrhoid attack, but it was actually colorectal cancer. The doctor said that in real life, patients like Mr. Duan are not in the minority. Many people have repeatedly had blood in the stool for a long time and have been treated as hemorrhoids. The results are not good, and finally found that it is caused by colorectal cancer, unfortunately, because of the missed best treatment opportunity, it is often found in the late stage of colorectal cancer.

Hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer are sometimes difficult to identify. Both may have painless blood in the stool. Although hemorrhoids are mostly bleeding on the toilet paper or blood on the toilet, sometimes only From the observation of stool characteristics, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is acne or colorectal cancer. At this time, colonoscopy is very important.



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