Love to eat persimmons! You don’t necessarily know these magical effects.

The persimmon body is a treasure, not only can go to the autumn dry, there are many magical effects… Let’s take a look!

Effect of fresh persimmon

/ Runfei Cough/

Persimmon is cool and eats in autumn Run lungs and cough, easily overcome autumn dryness, prevent fire and cough.


Persimmon is rich in pectin, can maintain the normal growth of intestinal flora, has a good run Intestinal laxative effect, effectively prevent constipation.

/ hangover/

Persimmon can promote the oxidation of ethanol in the blood, reduce the damage of alcohol to the body, and often drink friends to entertain Need to eat a persimmon!

Effects of dried persimmons


Persimmon has the effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding, coughing It is a good way to eat some dried persimmons for patients with bloody sputum. Friends who have hemorrhoids should also eat more, which is effective for stopping bleeding and relieving pain.

/In addition to stains/

The persimmon cake contains a lot of vitamin C, which can promote the growth of new cells, and has the effect of whitening, effective Inhibition of melanin precipitation, the effect of freckle is particularly good.

Effect of Persimmon Cream

/Spleen and Stomach/

The white powder on the persimmon is not Mold, brush it off and you lose money! With these persimmon cream and dried persimmon, it tastes better and can nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen.

/treatment of oral ulcers/

Oral ulcers are painful, and the taste of the applicator is unpleasant, it is better to use persimmon cream, cheaper effective!

Buy some dried persimmons and put them in the refrigerator. When the persimmon cakes appear hoarfrost again, use a small spoon to scrape the persimmon cream and seal it. When the mouth ulcers, apply a little on it. The affected area is fine.

Effects of persimmon leaves

/Thirst quenching and sputum/

I didn’t expect the humble persimmon The leaves also have great use, and the persimmon leaves are also cool. Take a few slices of dried persimmon leaves to make tea. Stop the thirst and not get angry. Now drink some right.

/blood pressure/

Persimmon leaves can prevent hardening of the arteries, and drinking persimmon leaves can effectively reduce blood pressure.

Food taboos

There are many benefits of eating persimmons,

But these things must be noted

If you get it wrong, you can be in trouble!

/Do not eat raw persimmons/

The persimmons have a short shelf life. Many people choose to buy some raw persimmons for convenience. The raw persimmon tastes sour, and when eaten more, the tongue will be numb and the stool will be dry. Raw persimmons should be sealed in plastic bags for two days, not sour, good and healthy.



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