Neck length and small meat! Explain that your body has a problem?

Is it found that the neck has grown a lot of small meat, small spots, and the color of the neck and face are different! Especially friends who often have sore throat, smoking, or respiratory problems.

Small meat grains and small spots do not necessarily affect your health, but it means that your body has a problem and will make your beauty greatly discounted!

What’s the matter with the small meat on the neck?

The neck is exposed all the year round, it is easy to get cold, and the cold is condensed. After the virus, bacteria and toxins invade the human body, it tends to accumulate in the neck, so there are long and small cockroaches. Long pox, sore throat and so on.

It’s like the water in the stinking ditch, it doesn’t flow, it always has something else. The lymph on the neck is the body’s first line of defense. The primary channel for the invasion of viruses and bacteria is the respiratory tract and the oral cavity.

When the infected lymph fluid returns, the first stop is the neck, and then it is postponed to the armpit and groin. Therefore, the lymph nodes on the neck are also the most prone to enlargement.

Five major conditions and reasons for formation:

1, long acne and many ministers at the same time Acne

Main reason: the metabolism of lymphatic toxins in the inner face is difficult, leading to the spread of toxins to the neck; in the outer acne bacteria infected to the neck, the toxins give fertile ground for bacterial reproduction, But generally lymphatic metabolism is good, there will be no such phenomenon. Just like a face acne, it doesn’t matter all over the body.

2, filamentous 疣

Commonly known as the scorpion, it is mainly a slender, soft and sturdy scorpion And the surface is brown or light brown, the number ranging from several to hundreds should be considered to be filiform. Filamentous mites are viral infectious diseases caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), commonly known as lice. Generally like to invade middle-aged and older people over the age of 40, because their resistance is relatively poor.

3, folliculitis or sebaceous gland inflammation

There is a small sputum on the neck and itchy, then It should be considered inflammation of the folliculitis or sebaceous glands. At this time, we must pay attention to avoid spicy food, low-fat diet, try to wash with hot water, do not squeeze, you can press the neck lymph!

4, fat granules

Another kind of fat on the neck may be fat grain. Fat granules have little effect on health, but affect aesthetics and image. More common in young women, because women’s skin is aging fast, slow metabolism, and affected by the external environment, it is easier to grow fat particles.

5, lymphadenopathy

<img src=" g///////////// Already suffering from lymphadenopathy, the initial stage of this condition is long meat on the neck.

There will be no obvious changes at the beginning, but in the later stages of the illness, there will be a lot of swollen lymph nodes, and the meat will become bigger and bigger. Compression of the cervical vertebrae causes severe deformation of the cervical spine. The disease is mostly caused by working groups engaged in heavy oil fume, radiation, and noise pollution.

Most of the friends who have the above characteristics have the same characteristics: the neck is dull or red.

The neck is red, it means that the hot poison is more prosperous, it is easy to have sore throat and sore throat. It is recommended to press the neck more than usual to comfort, and if the circumstances are serious, if you have started to grow up, For those with sore throat, it is best to do professional cervical lymphatic drainage.

Normally spicy, smoking, or a yin deficiency. It is recommended that the diet be light, eat more food that nourish Yin and raise lungs: lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, or often soaked Luo Han Guo tea.



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