Once there is such a bulge at the end of the finger, it is a lung cancer, it is best to check it!

The 60-year-old uncle Zhang hangs an expert number. He said he had rheumatoid arthritis because more than half of the ten fingers were deformed, but after the experts of the rheumatology department looked at it, But tell him that this is not rheumatoid arthritis, but a clubbing.

Not rheumatoid! It is no wonder that Uncle Zhang suddenly realized suddenly that it is no wonder that he has been using all kinds of rheumatism medicinal liquors, which is not only ineffective, but has become more and more serious.

But what is the cause of the clubbing?

After the doctor asked about his medical history, he learned that Zhang had discovered that his finger had an abnormal bulge in the last year. At the same time, he also had cough, chest pain, cough, and sputum. Blood, but he told the doctor that when he was young, he smoked for a long time, and he had an old slow support. After listening patiently, the doctor suggested that Zhang Daye should go to the respiratory department.

So Grandpa Zhang was referred to the respiratory department. After understanding the condition, the doctor said that like Zhang Daye, you must have a lung CT look.

Because of the clubbing, it is closely related to a certain lung disease, and the lung lesions cause long-term hypoxia and endocrine disorders, resulting in abnormal tissue proliferation at the end of the finger. The clubbing is actually not a joint deformation, but an abnormal enlargement and bulging of the tissue around the joint.

The CT examination quickly identified the cause, which led to Zhang’s uncomfortable culprits, which were lung cancer.

First, rheumatoid arthritis has a family history, there will be finger pain, morning stiffness, rheumatoid factor can often find abnormalities, and clubbing often has no fingers Pain, but it is easy to accompany lung symptoms.

Second, rheumatoid arthritis often find abnormalities in the joints under the X-ray, but the clubbing often does not.



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