Orthodontic patients should pay attention to the correct choice and taboo of diet

Orthodox patients should pay attention to the correct choice of diet, such as food that is not easily washed away from the appliance may cause discoloration and cramps of the teeth, and the food that is pulled when eating will easily lead to care. The groove is detached.

Must avoid food:

1. Ice cubes – the ultimate appliance destroyer!

2. Never lick crabs, chicken legs, bones, etc., you can tear off the meat.

3. Candy such as fruit candy, mints, bubble gum, rainbow candy, gummy bears, glutinous rice, etc.

4. All glutinous rice foods and sticky foods such as glutinous rice cakes, etc.

5. Hard bread, flatbread, snacks, etc. Thick pizza dough crust, hard whole wheat bread, nuts, and more.

6. External objects such as pens, pencils, fingernails and straws.

7. Popcorn… The shell will be embedded in the appliance causing gum infections

8. Sugary drinks and carbonated drinks, including Phosphoric acid can cause enamel contamination and cavities.

Recommended food:

1. Rice, noodles, taro, rice paste and other soft staple foods.

2. Fruits, carrots, and celery that are cut into small pieces are very beneficial.

3. Chewing gum is also possible; in fact we recommend chewing gum to stimulate saliva and help keep your teeth clean.

4. Ice cream and yogurt.

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To brush your teeth before going to bed every day



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