People have three major misunderstandings about chemotherapy, experts are chemotherapy

People’s misunderstanding of chemotherapy

1: “A chemotherapy person will swear and die faster.” Chemotherapy is a specialized technology, and it should be “deeply chased and beaten” when curing tumors. It is necessary to “fine rain and wind” when maintaining physical strength. A good oncologist will let the chemotherapeutic drugs “do the best” and also protect the health of the patient to the utmost.

2: “Can’t eat strong food.” Gastrointestinal “refusal to accept” food is actually a kind of “self-protection” reflection of the body. If the food is strong, the cells in the gastrointestinal tract will not get a “rest” or even aggravate the damage. The principle of diet should be summarized as “eat it when you eat it, and eat as much as you eat.”

3: “Must keep exercising.” After chemotherapy is the weakest period of the immune system, exercise should be gradual according to the specific situation, can not be too hasty.

There is a gastrointestinal discomfort after chemotherapy, which is weak. In fact, the main reason is that chemotherapy drugs cause certain damage to normal cells during chemotherapy, resulting in a rapid decline in autoimmune immunity. The system’s body reaction, etc., together with the use of this capsule, can improve this situation and improve the body’s immunity. This is mainly because the capsules can improve this situation and improve the body’s immunity. This is mainly because the ginseng saponin Rh2, which is the active ingredient of the capsule, can promote the synthesis of albumin and gamma globulin, enhance the function of T cells and macrophages, and regulate immune factors to stabilize the immune system.

Experts for chemotherapy

Digestive tract reactions. When the vomiting is heavier, it is better to start with the “stomach” food such as rice soup and fresh oyster sauce, so that the gastrointestinal tract can fully recuperate while absorbing nutrients. With the recovery of appetite, you can eat semi-liquid foods such as egg tarts, minced meat porridge, noodle soup, and then gradually return to normal diet.

The blood is lowered. In addition to using drugs that stimulate hematopoiesis, you can also eat more red dates, peanuts, pork liver, spinach, tofu and other protein-rich foods, or eat some gelatin, American ginseng, etc. under the guidance of a doctor.

Heart, liver, kidney function damage and oral mucosa, skin ulcers, need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor, can not be restored by food supplement alone.

Hair loss. At the same time of medication, it can be mixed with some walnut kernels, honey, rice and black sesame seeds to help grow new hair.



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