People who use drugs are not all skinny, why do some people who use drugs become fat?

People who use drugs are skinny, which is the impression most people have about drug users. This benefited from years of heroin anti-drug publicity pictures, which made everyone’s impression of drug users solidified. However, nowadays, using this kind of drug abuse to become a skinny reason to explain the harm of drugs, there will be someone who said that the drug-loving relatives around me have not become thinner, but still very fat?

For this question, the author is ready to explain it to everyone.

Why is someone getting fat and getting fat?

Traditional drugs are very harmful to people, and they are mostly reflected in the body. For example, the performance of heroin is very obvious all year round. The perennial drug abuse causes drug users to have anorexia and so on. People tend to have less desire to eat, completely do not think about eating, anorexia, and only want to take drugs. In the long run, loss of appetite will inevitably lead to inadequate nutrition and thin skin.

But patients who smoke new drugs or synthetic drugs are not. Synthetic drugs have far less impact on the human body than their mental effects, so drug users may not show signs of getting thinner. Often, some people do not believe that they are taking drugs, or even seeing that they have drug abuse behaviors. They are extremely concealed and are not easy to be discovered.

For example, in the case of ice poisoning, most of the ice poisons are mentally damaging and stimulating. The irritating effect of ice poison on the brain is obvious, because it is irritating to the human brain. The purpose of excitement and pleasure is more serious for the damage of the cranial nerves, and the short period of physical injury is not particularly obvious, so it is difficult for us to see from the outside.

So whether taking drugs or not can not be compared with physical obesity. It is not too one-sided to distinguish whether a person is taking drugs. It should be observed and judged from many aspects.

What should we do?

1. Multi-observation

To judge whether a person is taking drugs, in fact, you should observe more and see how different drug users are from ordinary people. Where is the abnormal state, we must not only observe their physical changes, but also observe their personality changes and psychological changes.

For example, you can see if the drug addict has any suspicious behavior. After taking drugs, you will change one person from body to mind. The drug addict will not want to let people know in the early stage, so they will hide it. They are not willing to communicate with others too much. It is a change in itself. If you pay more attention, you can detect it.

If we find that our room has an unusual smell or a tool for drug use, we can judge whether a person is taking drugs. In fact, there are many ways to judge drug use. If you suspect that your loved ones and friends are taking drugs. You can do your homework first to understand what characteristics a drug addict has.

2. Keep the necessary vigilance

But for drug users, be sure to maintain the necessary vigilance, otherwise it may bring adverse consequences if Drug addicts are in an emotional state, and dangerous behaviors are likely to occur. Some drug users are very suspicious and can even make some unpredictable injuries, which may threaten the health and safety of the people around them.

3. Seeking scientific detection methods

If you can’t judge whether you are taking drugs, you can use urine test to check.



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