People with bad eyes often eat this fruit after the fall, which can enhance vision and improve visual acuity.

[People with bad eyes, often eat this fruit after the fall, can enhance vision and improve visual acuity]

Blueberry fruit is rich Nutritional ingredients are high-amino acid, high-zinc, high-calcium, high-iron, high-copper, high-vitamin nutritious health fruit. Although this fruit is a bit expensive, its nutritional value is really very high, called “the king of the world’s fruit.”

Blueberry is known as the eye-protecting treasure. It not only improves the blood circulation of people, but also improves the blood circulation around the eyes. For white-collar workers and students, people with too many eyes It is said that there are really many benefits, which can improve eye fatigue, enhance vision and improve visual acuity.

Blueberry is the fruit of memory, not only can improve head fatigue, but also prevent senile dementia, enhance people’s memory, activate brain cells, and make people rejuvenate and prolong life.

In addition, blueberry is a female beauty fruit. Eating blueberries often can make the skin more delicate and lustrous. It can also enhance the elasticity of the skin, lower cholesterol and make women’s body. More slim.

A lot of blueberries like this, do you like to eat?



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